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Jogo fodaa demaisss me chapei jogando essa poha slk kkkkkkkk 

Is this you? Poop Killer?

didnt expect a sexpnd game this quick AHAHA keep them coming 


I didn't expect that you guys will make the second game of the Poop Killer. I love it! Waiting for the upcoming game ;) Wish you all the best!

Totally awesome game, managed to exceed the first one.  I love the comedy and horror mix.  I look forward to part 3!!

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An absolute perfect mix of comedy and horror! 10/10

Hey man, I absolutely loved both Poop Killer 1 and 2. These two games had me dying laughing. I was wondering what the main theme of the second game is. I know it's made by Karl Casey but he's made a lot of music. Thanks for the game. Have a good rest of your day!

Hey are you ok? We have 2 main songs from Karl Casey in "Poop Killer 2". Would you like the music from the menu? Or the intro music?

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I was thinking of the song in the intro. Thanks buddy! PS: Yes I am ok lol

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Karl Casey - Lazerhawk Overdrive slowed

AYYY Thanks man! I appreciate it

You're welcome :)

loved poop killer 1. and this game was so much better and funnier. Yall always make my day

I love this series.


Another amazing game. This felt just like an 80's horror comedy. Keep up the great work! 

This second game was just as excellent as the first. New situation that warrants the presence of the poop killer haha, good job!

Again, you manage to create these games like hot cakes. Ik they are probably easy to make since there isn't THAT much difference in-between each game, but it is still impressive. Made a video on it.

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This was definitely an interesting sequel to the first Poop Killer Horror game. I was definitely looking forward to playing this game after the first one as I had a good laugh and a good scare from the first game. The idea of selling weed while worrying about the Poop Killer was pretty interesting and I enjoyed the comedic effect at the slow motion part. There is definitely way more poop than the first game and the good ending for the game was really fun and certainly not what I expected from the game XD. I was also surprised that the man pooping actually took off his pants so I just captured the entire process of how he looked when he took a dump XD. Hope to see more horror games from the developers in the future.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


i invoke the power of marijuana!
the world definitely needs more games like this. please keep 'em coming!


Had fun with it keep up the awesome job 616  Games  , looking forward to the next one 😀 

I enjoyed this, check it below..... Poop killer 3 soon?


only 616 games can make a game about poop TWICE! and completely ace it TWICE, this game is such a gem i loved every minute of it, i don't know how you get these out there so quickly, you are so talented!, gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to hit that like and subscribe button! 
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Depois dessa eu vou cagar dando um tapa

O jogo ta mt bom, que final ein kkkkkkk pqp

Deleted 285 days ago

please create this game and your other games for android so that me and many other people can play it too because i don't have a pc

10/10 game

oh shoot the homie hayden


Rafael? Ya Nasty!! lmao GG

Once again, 616 Games, You have outdone yourselves again! Amazing game and so hilarious!

mierda killer is back ...and wait for 3 ahahahah GG raf GG

Poop Killer 3 coming soon?



Great sequel of toilet-head killer. 

Oh cool, I'm actually fairly excited to play this since I really enjoyed the first one

gonna download this shit before it gets 1 dollar

Enjoy... haha

good game love your games

Thanks bro

Deleted 289 days ago

Bro, if this bug is going to happen, take the shit out of the bucket and put it back.

Massive game great and funny one 

Im in first 1k downloads! imma rate this game right after i'll play 

This game's hella funny. Definitely one of my favorites from you, and is easily becoming one of my favorite game series ever haha. Thanks, dude!


Thanks bro haha ;)

what? Man, you have a second generation of shit killers. Last time I didn't wash my face? Good game now download to experience your fear ha ha!


Another awesome game! The 616 is taking over lol! I played part one, I HAD to play part two! Great work as usual. Game here: 

Wonderful game!

Great game! I loved the use of slow motion again.

love your game

Thanks bro!

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