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best series on itchio

I have now played two of these and I am still astounded that I want more! Fantastic sequel that adds on to the lore of The Poop Killer.

I cant believe I picked the bad ending

Nice horror game!

After a Crappy day working at the VHS rental store. It's time to head up kick our feet up.... and prepare for a Crappy Day At Home. #Poopkiller2 #Funny #scary #gaming #horror #BuzbyGaming #gamingcommunity

Had an absolute blast playing this one!!!

This Game was creepy and funny at the same time.. Great Game!

best ending so far.

Best sequel ever. im so exited for trash collecion ll 

This one was not very family-friendly but was really good.

this ruined me because i dont know if it was a blunt i was smoking or what... lmao great game!

Another great poopy game from this dev great work.

Yet another 616 Saturday has come to pass. Such as the gas from thy ass or maybe that grass? But alas… Nicktonyous maybe to crass

That was ridiculous and so much fun😅..i really need to play the third one!!


What a hilariously whacky and wild game! LOL keep up the good work guys!

POOP KILLER 2 (Indie Horror Game) - Full Game + ALL Endings - No Commentary

This game was ridiculous, but it was definitely one of the most entertaining ones I've played so far!

Please check out my video:

instant classic coulnt stop laughing

I never thought I needed a sequel to this game.... UNTIL I GOT ONE lol

Here's a shitty speedrun

What a fun game. Looking forward to MANY more

Historia COMPLETA e EXPLICADA de todos os jogos de terror POOP KILLER (Todos FINAIS)


this is what game are meant to be!

ANOTHER MASTERPIECE! Got to finish the series!

This game is so funny! 

Love it 616 

Had a BLAST!!!

Amazing as always 616.

Cool Game

I played game 2 times to got 2 ending, thanks for made this game !

This series is absolutely hilarious!

I give this a 5/5, this is peak storytelling.

really having fun with this series!

Hey guys! Its back! Poop Killer 2!! Loved playing it and I hope you guys enjoy watching it! I highly recommend this game! 

I can't believe I trusted him again with a toilet. I'll never make that mistake again. Pretty good, I will definitely be playing Poop Killer 3

Every Game just gets better, thanks for making these 616 and best of luck, check out my playthrough here 

Never trust a fart.

반전이다 피할줄이야...
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