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this is what game are meant to be!

ANOTHER MASTERPIECE! Got to finish the series!

This game is so funny! 

Love it 616 

Had a BLAST!!!

Amazing as always 616.

Cool Game

I played game 2 times to got 2 ending, thanks for made this game !

This series is absolutely hilarious!

I give this a 5/5, this is peak storytelling.

really having fun with this series!

Hey guys! Its back! Poop Killer 2!! Loved playing it and I hope you guys enjoy watching it! I highly recommend this game! 

I can't believe I trusted him again with a toilet. I'll never make that mistake again. Pretty good, I will definitely be playing Poop Killer 3

Every Game just gets better, thanks for making these 616 and best of luck, check out my playthrough here 

Never trust a fart.

반전이다 피할줄이야...

Bro this was a masterpiece, the poop killer so far is a hillarious series 

Sometimes the sequel is just as good as the original if not better lol!!!!Great job as always. 

dude this poop killer is crazy. we should make toilet paper shields if we clog the toilet again.

Just as weird as the last one xD

my whole twitch chat were laughing their asses off


I guess good ol' Potty Mouth is back for a sequel huh?! Absolutely more hilarious and more ridiculous than the first. Oh and alot more poop. Then I see there's a part 3 I can't keep up! 😲 Amazing work as always and I don't think keep up the good work speaks high enough for you guys! 👍

616 Games makes some good stuff. This was no exception haha.  I played all 3 Poop Killer games in the Trilogy for one video.. only found one small bug in the first one.. and a copyrighted song in the 3rd game. Hopefully you enjoy. 

This CRAP never ends. 
Poop Killer Trilogy COMPLETE (Let's Play Poop Killer 1, 2 & 3) 

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lol What a funny game this is ! It did have a few little bugs and  I do like part 1 a little more than part 2 but its still very hilarious  and way more poop !

Another absolutely hilarious addition to the Poop Killer series. Loved getting the endings and appreciate the continue button letting me get the second ending a bit easier! No one is safe from the Poop Killer and I can't wait to play the next game!

Had a couple of bugs but overall another hilarious game. Thank you, 616.

I keep getting a glitch. When I talk to Marco my mouse no longer moves the camera around.


When a dialog is activated, the camera is in a fixed position. Simply click on the arrow (>) to proceed with the dialog.

This was absolutely hilarious. I always have a fantastic time playing your games! The only issue I encountered was when I tried to get a second ending. Clicking "continue" seemed to put me at a point further into the game, close to the end, but nothing ever happened. I couldn't get any of the events leading up to the ending to trigger, so I had to start from the very beginning again. Not a huge deal, though! I still had a great time playing!

Just when you think that you've seen the last of the Poop Killer. Even more ridiculous than the first one in the best way possible. Worth the play 😂

Hey everyone I`m Ryberus!

Poop Killer 2 is the comedy you love and the horror you need, check it out its a good game!

wow 이게뭐지 하다가 야..약? 에서 다시 이게뭐지로 끝난다

I literally just finished this video, and see you made a Poop Killer 3! That's crazy man I'll definitely be playing that soon lol! This one was pretty fun too, I'm really liking the series! Hope you enjoy my video :)

loved poop killer 1. and this game was so much better and funnier. Yall always make my day

This game is so good & hilarious! More poop than before! Also, has one of the best cut scenes in gaming history! People really need to start flushing

Unfortunately, I was not able to play this when it came out, have been busy with my own stuff, but, I have to say, the sequel is pure grass for me, lol 🧐

Exceptional dialogue and unique set design. Some of the environments in this game seemed familiar to me. At this point, I have played 5-6 of your games, yet once again, you managed to surprise and bring freshness to this one without copying the original premise, even thou you have the same antagonist in the game - classic. The score is always amusing to me, the execution and everything else - top notch! 

Well-done 616 games! Applause to you 👏👏👏👏👏

slow motion again

This game was so much fun! I loved it just as much as the first one. It was so funny and had some really good jumpscares!

Show post...

Dude no,why you make your game free first days and after that you make it paid?😐😐😟

I post the game free for the first 1000 downloads, I like to give everyone the opportunity to play. But this is my job.

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