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A flamboyant killer... A tedious job... A night too quiet to be true.

Steve works at a mini market at night isolated from the city. When you come across a different psychopath...

A freak in a clown mask who kidnaps people and plays games of life and death.

 He likes fun...


  • Camera: First Person
  • Graphics: psx style, 1995 and horror.
  • Duration: a short game, about 20 to 40 minutes.
  • Support: Mouse and Keyboard only.
  • History: Classic 80's cult horror film.



The game was inspired by "Night Shift" from the company "Puppet Combo" and there are also inspirations from the movie "Saw".

PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/616games

MORE GAMES: https://616games.itch.io/


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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I LOVED every part of this game! The last part was so intense

Have played a bad game by 616 Games yet!!! Keep up the good work!! XD

Another hit, an absolute blast to play, and love the jump scares.  Here is a video of my playthrough.

Super cool

the jump scare had me JUMPING OUT MY CHAIR

Love it!

Great Game <3


I had a lot of fun time with this game. Master 616 never disappoints. Hugs and kisses for all

It's like living the movie 'Saw', playing for our lives. It started as a common day, just working and then it's the plot twist. Now you are in a different kind of game...


Es como revivir la pelicula 'El juego del miedo', jugando por nuestras vidas. Empieza como cualquier d铆a en el trabajo y el plot twist nos traslada a un tipo de juego muy diferente...

The fun part about this game is to make decision for u live!!

Nice horror game!

Another awesome game! ima buy em all at this point lol

Very clutch finale on this run

i like 616 games's intro

best ever bro 

I really enjoyed the game 

goofy ahh game 

Loved the game dude!

Hope your still adding to it though it was a little short but cool.

You have now become one of my favorite devs <3 Keep it up! Cant wait for more!

you hit it out of the park with this one
so far i think this one is my favorite

This was a lot of fun to play, I really enjoyed the build up and feel of the game! Great job! 


The beginning of the game was fun and had to offer the most suspense, it was so spooky. But the second chapter of the game was pretty lack lustered. I can see where you were going but when I died in the "Hell" room and had to replay the previous room it got a bit annoying. 1) Dialog is slow, I wish it was sped up or a way for you to speed it up. 2) you have to go to certain areas of the room to trigger the tv scene. In the hell room it only triggered when I was close to the hell door, wish it was when you see the table and knife.

I kept dying in the hell room which made me believe that you would die in Hell no matter what. But then I realized you had to crawl, speaking of which I wish more of the game controls were used/stated. In the first half of the game, I wasn't sure how to interact and actually made a comment about it, then deleted it after finding out it was E. Wanting to make sure I knew the rest of the controls I played with my keyboard and found the Y and X button which made you lean over left and right. I had never seen this function before in a horror game and was excited to use it and see when/how I would, I thought maybe I would hide and try and escape and use those two buttons to do so, but that never happened. Also with the Tabs button which made my screen blurry? What is its purpose? I thought that was the interact button when I tried to read the note but it just wasn't loading in.

Back to the 2nd part of the game. I love the distinct difference in scenery, from the bland boring grey colors to the bright and happy ones! Really throws you off and makes you think "wait what is happening". I wish your choices mattered more in that section, I played 2 finish runs (Kill>Heaven>Escape, Live>Hell>Escape), and they are both the same. I wish your friend did more, I was really hoping that he would try and beg or talk to you in the first room making your decision to either kill or save him feel more real, and in the second room, I thought he would try and protest and get my arm so he wouldn't have to suffer. Maybe if you used that Beggar character from the first act instead of him it would be better? I forget the line but he said something along the lines of "He always watches" when you don't give him food making it seem like what we did was the VERY wrong choice.

The reason I say that is because the story feels incomplete. In the beginning, you are stalked by the clown and meet a variety of suspicious customers, and then kidnapped. There were multiple times I thought I would know who the clown was. The first customer because he asked if I was scared cause of the clown along with saying some other shady things, and the last customer when he asked me to get cigs, when I turned around I 100% believed when I looked back at him he would be the clown.

The middle is actually being kidnapped and having to escape. We know this clown stalked us because we see the car in the parking lot and him knowing our name.The beginning and middle tie together but the end doesn't, we just escape and that's it.

With the beggar character, you can maybe tie in that he's working with the clown to some extent like the Begger saying that he should kidnap us. I'm just spitting out ideas with no grand big thought but these are just suggestions.

I actually like the game a lot and the PSX style, you captured it perfectly. I say these criticisms and recommendations because I know that 616 Games has a bright future! After writing this I'm gonna play more of your games because I love the idea and concept of this one so much, you sold me on your company and I like it. 

One last thing. The last room was amazing. I love how he gives you the code but not the order and the walls slowly get closer, the heat is ON!! It's an amazing final room and made me feel so stressed, also the fact that it removes 10 points for every wrong choice is perfect cause it just adds to the stress!

Again well made game and I can't wait to see more from you^^

this game is fun i love it keep up the good work!!!

I really enjoyed playing this game. The storyline and twist was amazing, great job! Here's my funny moments while playing (PLEASE CHECK OUT)

Very creepy game. Great work! 

This was so good I can't wait to try out the other games!!!! :) 

Very very cool!! And I'm afraid of clowns. Put on my channel :)

Will it ever be for MAC OS

Pretty fun game! Lagged for me but that's because I'm using an old laptop. Amazing game nonetheless. I want to thank the developer for making it <3

Thank you my friend! :)

loved the game more towards the end when the game truly begins think i almost died on last puzzle but for me 10/10

Thanks friend, I'm really glad you liked it.

Its ok buddy keep up the amazing work love to see more of your games 馃槉

this was a really fun horror game. i hate clowns so yeah it got me pretty good at some points. this is a reaction compilation and is only 3 minutes long. pro edited as usual and i upload 3 of these types of videos a day so that sub button means a ton to me

Thanks for playing :)

This is such a great concept! the only thing i would have to say is how long it took NPCs to walk but after the market it was really good!

Thanks friend, I'm glad you liked it.

The game is very well made. It's creepy and mysterious at the same time. Good job :D

[Gameplay en espa帽ol]

Thank you my friend :)

I love the circus.


haha, circus always brings that bizarre feeling.

Great game! You took a boring job working the night shift and turned it into a suspense-filled, survival horror thriller. Great job creating a classic 80's horror vibe with a touch of Saw - I thought that was a cool combination. All-in-all, a nice horror experience. 


Thanks friend, I tried to bring two levels of experience in just one game, I'm a big fan of classic horror.

This game had a good start but definitely slowed down when you had to play those games

Too bad you didn't like the ending, I wanted to bring two different experiences.

I'm not being mean, I just see A LOT of potential in 616 games , and from what I could see you can do better. you took away all the scares, the games were boring and the choices barely mattered.


Thanks for the positive review. It's always good to have other opinions, it helps me a lot in my work.

Very interesting game. I like how it started in a convenient store and turned into something else. Felt very puppet-comboy.

Thanks haha, I like creating bizarre games and also mixing experiences within a game.

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