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Will it ever be for MAC OS

Pretty fun game! Lagged for me but that's because I'm using an old laptop. Amazing game nonetheless. I want to thank the developer for making it <3

Thank you my friend! :)

loved the game more towards the end when the game truly begins think i almost died on last puzzle but for me 10/10

Thanks friend, I'm really glad you liked it.

Its ok buddy keep up the amazing work love to see more of your games 😊

this was a really fun horror game. i hate clowns so yeah it got me pretty good at some points. this is a reaction compilation and is only 3 minutes long. pro edited as usual and i upload 3 of these types of videos a day so that sub button means a ton to me

Thanks for playing :)

This is such a great concept! the only thing i would have to say is how long it took NPCs to walk but after the market it was really good!

Thanks friend, I'm glad you liked it.

The game is very well made. It's creepy and mysterious at the same time. Good job :D

[Gameplay en español]

Thank you my friend :)

I love the circus.


haha, circus always brings that bizarre feeling.

Great game! You took a boring job working the night shift and turned it into a suspense-filled, survival horror thriller. Great job creating a classic 80's horror vibe with a touch of Saw - I thought that was a cool combination. All-in-all, a nice horror experience. 


Thanks friend, I tried to bring two levels of experience in just one game, I'm a big fan of classic horror.

This game had a good start but definitely slowed down when you had to play those games

Too bad you didn't like the ending, I wanted to bring two different experiences.

I'm not being mean, I just see A LOT of potential in 616 games , and from what I could see you can do better. you took away all the scares, the games were boring and the choices barely mattered.


Thanks for the positive review. It's always good to have other opinions, it helps me a lot in my work.

Very interesting game. I like how it started in a convenient store and turned into something else. Felt very puppet-comboy.

Thanks haha, I like creating bizarre games and also mixing experiences within a game.

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This game was pretty good. Definitely liked the slow build up to something sinister. Made a video on it.

Love the awesome soundtrack btw.


Thanks bro :)

First off, congratulations on your game. You've managed to combine the vibe of the Puppet Combo games and the Saw franchise well in a unique way. The game turned out great. Congratulations indeed.

Thank you my friend! :)


Thanks broo

Really caught the feeling of puppet combo games, really atmospheric and the environment was really solid. Just wished the choices mattered in the end but other than that it was great. Thank you for making this!


Thanks, this was a simpler project I did.

this game is so good, and I like the fact that we don't know who's behind it and why, love the mystery in this game

Good job 

Thank you my friend! :)

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, good work :)


Thank you very much.

Nice Enjoyed it :D


Masterpiece! i wish it was longer, the graphics style is amazing congrats :D

Thank you very much, it is very important to me.

Incredible! ❤️

Thanks <3


I liked this one quite a bit. There's quite a lot of suspense and tension at the beginning before everything goes wrong.

Thanks friend, I always watch your videos.

Hiya, just thought i'd let you know, you may want to add a seizure warning to this game. The section with flashing lights hurt my eyes and could be dangerous to those with epilepsy.

Thanks, I will put a notice on the game page.

This game is so underrated!!

This is one of the best short horror games I've played on here! Absolutely amazing! The end really got me! Keep up the great work!

Thank you my friend! :)

My friend, I'm here again to experience the fear game you created, ha ha ha ha ha

Hope you like it my friend!

It's a fun experience and is really well made, but if you pause during dialogue your mouse is locked and you have to start the game all over. Either way I still liked it

Thank you friend :)

 great game

Thanks bro! :)

The game is great, really reminiscent of Chilla’s Art games and pulls off the style really well. The art style is perfect for the game. Especially with the slow dread brought up while working in the store. I know the car is dangerous, the game makes me see the car is unsafe, and yet still I have to face it (I was kinda expecting to find a body inside.)

You had me laughing in the ending, I knew what was coming and for the greater good I knew my friend would be willing make the sacrifice. He owed me, I saved his life. 

Great game and has the perfect mix between creepy simulation, and Saw style ending.

Thanks for the great review, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

616s best game yet in my opinion

Thank you so much friend :)

i would love to play more saw-esque horror games like this

Glad you liked it friend.

That was awesome, dude. The Saw movies are some of my favorites so I was loving that ending. Cool game all around though. Thanks for the fun, my friend!


Thanks friend, I also really like the "Saw" movies, I always wanted to create something inspired by it.

Amazing one and great atmosphere 

Thanks my friend!

Neues Video zu nem Game vom Altmeister: Rafael Braza

Hahaha Danke!

wow excellent game :):):)):):):):):):):):)

Thank you very much! :)

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Hope you had fun with this weirdness :)

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ask you RafaelBraza?

Yes it's me

Cool Game!

Thanks :)

Fun game! The first half was very similar to Stay Out of the House, but I'm not complaining. I'm a big fan of the convenience store setting for some reason. Anyway, the second part of the game had a cool Saw-ish twist. A nice break from the ol' "creep around and try to avoid the killer" routine. Also, thank you for making the objectives in that section of the game honest and not rigged to trick you! Keep up the good work!

Here's my no-commentary playthrough: 


Thanks friend, I'm glad you liked it.

The game was nice. It didn't focus on a lot on the jump scare but rather the suspense of it. The story telling was alright, I think my only problem was the NPC walking, It was a bit too slow. Yet the game was still great (nice work bro).


Thank you very much friend.

Ur welcome my friend.

Another great game!!  I love these survival lone worker games.  You never know when and where the bad guy will come from :)  

Thanks for playing :)

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