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Thanks for sharing your game, it was a lot of fun.  I also enjoyed the first game.  I just posted my full, No Commentary playthrough to my YouTube channel, @indiehorrornetwork.  All are welcome to stop by anytime, if you like high quality indie horror playthroughs, you'll find a home there with us.  Remember to always support all things indie horror, take care!

Interesting game

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pretty cool horror

i'm crying ;(


Wow. So powerful. Great work

This made me feel sad and gross!  GREAT JOB!

This was so well done and put together! I really enjoyed the experience! 

such a good message

Comments below clip:

War is a wicked way of politics getting the better of leaders. It's us 'followers' who will have to do the killing and dying. Both soldiers and civilians alike. That's reality. It has always been like that and it will always be like that.

This game gives you an excellent example of the absurdity of it all. It makes sense because it doesn't. Get it? 


Neither do I.

Well done, guys. Very well done. Kudos to all involved.

Enjoyed This Game  I love all the Games

Gameplay não comentado!

Really felt like I was in the game, felt very atmospheric and scary. 10/10!
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Horror Game About PTSD From War | Truth Loop 2

first time checking out one of your games it was a great experience I can’t wait to play more of your games!! Keep up the great work!!


Interesting and well made, keep it up!

It was a great game! Good work :)

Again great game :) 
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Cmon Hans follow me, don't be eine pussy. It will be different this time, you'll see

Deep and dark game. 

Have not seen a game by you for a while now. Cool to see this come up. Definitely a mood change from the poop killer series. But no bad, the graphics were good and the scares were good. Made a video on it.


Impressive game. Really good.

Great game, dude! That was definitely a dark one. Very well done though, my friend. Thanks!

nice to see something a bit different from 616 games. i enjoyed truth loop 2 nice work. 

The game is excellent, the jump scares are incredible, and the story is fantastic!!!

Always Lovely to get another game from you.

By far the most epic, raw, emotional and legitimately horrifying game you have ever made.

The impact this short experience had was indescribable. The environment was truly terrifying and somewhat calming at the same time. First was the silence, then the player is faced with explosions, enemies and in the end the decision is not a choice, rather a conscience of actions overall. 

What makes this unique from other games and series, like Poop Killer is that Truth Loop 2 addresses real emotions, grounding both the player and the character in the game. 

Superb Job 616 Games! Bravo! 

I was excited when I saw this but by the end I felt like I wanted more. I like the idea, though.

Esse foi bem triste e intenso. Muito bom trabalho!

Very cool horror game that shows real world horror! Awesome job!

deep story

awesome game thank you :):):)

Glad you made this. No one should ever want war, this comes as a reminder as things we forget happen during war.

Good one , it's so sad what happened To poeple at the world wars i hope ww2 is the last