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"Thursday the 12 th" is a clear reference and inspiration from the movie "Friday the 13th", the golden age of VHS tapes.

A short game with some tense moments and being inspired by the cult horror of the 80s.


Mike and his friends Greg, Samantha and Madison meet up for camping.

The girls challenge them to enter the abandoned house of a serial killer. Greg and Mike go without thinking, as they will receive a nice reward from them.

But the killer is still on the loose... and he hates people who break into his house.


Camera: First Person.

Control: Mouse and Keyboard only.

Graphics: PSX graphics style, inspired by old ps1 games.

Duration: Short game but has a medium duration. About 20 to 30 minutes.

ENDINGS: The game has three endings, two of which are good.

PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/616games

PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/616games


Get this game and 47 more for $32.99 USD
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50% Off
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Great game! Love it!

Loved it! 

Loved it! Possibly my favorite of your games that I've played so far except maybe Blood Camp because that one was ace. 

does it work well on low end pcs?


it's a pity that this game is not discount 100% on halloween


This game was fun asl and scary I enjoyed it keep up with da bangers @616games 🤘🏾


Nice horror!

It really is amazing how fast this team produces quality and entertaining games. Unfortunately, no ones getting laid tonight. Check out my gameplay if interested - 

This game was excellently made! I like the fact that there is more than one ending, the gameplay was solid, the music was so GOOD, I really appreciate the fact that it autosaves, and the graphics really capture that PS aesthetic! I just hate that it ended haha. I love your games, 616. I put the link to this game in a Discord server for creators that I am in!

very good, as usual. 

ik this is a lot to ask but can i get a refund i didnt  even install  this game or pay for it 

Where do I redeem my prize??? Nice game! Check out my playthrough:

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All and all its a great game

This game was interesting, I played around with some of the different endings.

Took me forever to figure out how to use the radio but other than that, good game!!

I bought the Trash Horror Collection on steam and I plan on speedrunning all of them eventually, here's Thursday the 12th

Gotta love that killer scream!  The fire ending was my favorite. 

Good game 


I tell ya, it's getting harder & harder to keep up with all the games that are consistently dropping! I gotta say it was pretty cool to see Jason before he flourished as a movie star. Solid game as usual! 🤜🤛👍

Porque voce não faz oro mobile também seria uma ótima ideia 👌🏽

Great game as always 616! Off-brand Jason is actually pretty scary! 😂 I wish there was an ending where everyone could survive, but I still enjoyed this game a lot :)

This has been added to 616's Trash Horror Collection on Steam with Truth Loop (That makes it 12 titles for a very good price :O

Its  in the Menu under "BONUS" :D

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This game has just been added to 616's Trash Horror Collection on Steam just putting it out there like  in "Bonus" section with Truth Loop 12 Titles for very good price !!!

just streamed the game on my channel. i enjoyed this short game i hope to see a sequel to this game.i only thing i dislike of the game is the hit boxes. i was a bit far and he ended up killing me.

this ones a banger 

Thanks for playing :)

Excellent inspiration from Friday the 13th to make this game! It has been a very good experience playing this game. Good job!

Thank you my friend :)

That was pretty fun! And funny. I loved the dialogue between the characters talking about getting their reward haha. That killer was pretty cool too. Thanks for another great game, my friend!


Thanks my friend :)

Aye 616.  I want to start doing featured devs on my streams and was wondering if I could bug you for some non-personal info about yourself to mention on stream.  Let me know if this is something you'd be ok with!

Really like this one! check it out here!!

Really cool send-up of the Jason franchise. Love the low-poly graphics and the humor. Great work! Here's my No Commentary playthrough:

No-commentary playthrough:

I enjoyed this one! Also, thanks for the assist on Patreon lol. 

Thank you, whenever you need you can ask.

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I thought I had a few more hours before it would need to be paid for lmao. Nice game!

Loved it!

Thanks for playing! :)

thats a game from friday the 13th

first it wasn't the thousand downloads and then it cost xd