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Five years after the world is devastated by a zombie virus, Alfred is looking for Jake, his older brother. Facing a post-apocalyptic scenario and many flesh-thirsty zombies. With his guitar on his back, Alfred sets off on a perilous journey from which there may be no turning back.

This game simulates the look and feel of survival horror games from the PS1 era. Using tank controls, With a third-person camera. If you struggle with games that have tank controls, you won't like this game. It does not have automatic saving, you must save the game with ink in a typewriter, the ink can be found during the gameplay.
Inspired by the cult horror movies of the 80's, bringing a style of horror from the low-budget films of the VHS era.


  • Third-person camera and tank controls.
  • Slow zombies.
  • Low-budget 80's style plot.
  • Unprofessional dubbing.
  • Feel the loneliness in a world where everything is dead.
  • Graphics inspired by old PS1 games.
  • It requires exploration and back and forth to complete objectives.
  • Some easy and intuitive puzzles.
  • The game doesn't last very long, about an hour of gameplay.

The game contains violence, blood, mutilation and bodies.


Get this game and 47 more for $32.99 USD
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so good love the game

This was a lot of brotherly fun. Can't wait for the next big game BROTHER!!!

Really had a blast playing this, it left me wanting more. was cool hearing my voice as Alfred and as some of the zombies. Great work 616!

Do you want to do a co-bundle

It's a very nice game.

Very fun so far, can't wait to play the rest brother! REALLY got me with that jumpscare LOL

Loved it! Too bad I didn't notice that my mic wasn't on till after playing, lol.

Do you want to do a bundle? 

Enjoyed this one immensely! However, I was on the receiving end of a nasty bug near the end of the game, so I didn't get to see the end credits! Bummer!

Sorry about that, it's already been fixed. Could you do a test? from the last saved point.

Unfortunately I uninstalled after uploading the video! Hopefully it's been taken care of for future players though.

LOVED THIS! If you're a fan of classic tank controlled horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill you'll love this. You can also tell it was heavily influenced by The Last of Us in certain areas of the game with a special 616 Games vibe! Definitely worth the money spent! Once again, thank you for reaching out to me to voice John! Would love to work together more in the future if the opportunity comes! 

I love the graphics and mood! The intro cinematic with the channel logo, news broadcast and aucoustic guitar really set the tone well. 

We had issues with input lag, and got stuck in the first building due to the huge enemy mob combined with low ammo, health and (geographically) a single save point. I would advice making the starting areas less crowded. Keep building the mood by leaving the player isolated and unsure, instead of overwhelmed. 

Gameplay wise this has a lot of promise! Feels like a real solid throwback survival game. Looking forward to seeing where you take it!


Thanks for the comment, I will analyze the possibility of removing some zombies, at least from the initial phase.

nice game that reminds of the older resident evil game on ps1. iam enjoying the game so far. 

Thanks my friend :)

(2 edits)

i ran into a glitch at the end where i escape but i still ended up dying. 

In the explosion scene? I just fixed this. Could you do a test?

i have updated the game. but when you escape from the exploding it stay at the cutscene where they got to leave this area. and after that it does progress to the last part.

Do you die after the explosion? I just tested it and it's working normally.