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"Red Valley" is an adventure and horror game inspired by ps1 classics such as: Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Alone in The Dark...

Bringing a nostalgic experience for lovers of horror and ps1 era. Enter a bizarre world and face your fear!


An empty and destroyed city, a frightening mystery, a chance to discover the truth.

Samuel and Lisa are traveling by car when they have an accident on the road.

Lisa mysteriously disappears and Sam is taken to an unknown location.

Now you will have to guide Sam through the city of "Red Valley", a scary and morbid place surrounded by mysteries.

Sometimes evil lives inside our own minds.

About Game:

Camera: First Person.

Control: Mouse and Keyboard only.

Graphics: PSX graphics style, inspired by old ps1 games.

Gameplay: Exploration mixed with frantic combat, First-person shooter.

Story: A bizarre story with a very unexpected ending.

Duration: It depends a lot on the type of player, it's a game that requires a lot of exploration, but it's not very long. (About 1 hour of gameplay)

Language: 2 language options (ENGLISH AND PORTUGUESE-BR).

We came up with a design of creatures that were both bizarre and nostalgic at the same time. With sound work inspired by horror classics.

Developer's Note:

"Red Valley" is a difficult game, just like the horror classics. It requires exploration and management of its resources.

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Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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I had lots of fun with this one!

i really love this one, i wasn't expecting that final, it blow my mind 


Great game, I liked the twist ending. I had a bit of trouble with stability of my game, however I was using an outdated version of the game. Upon deleting it and redownloading the latest version, everything worked just fine. 

Keep up the great work!

Thanks my friend, I really had a lot of problems with the previous version. A Super Update was made that fixed 90% of the bugs. I'm still working on getting the game 100%.

keep it up, your games are amazing


Thank you my friend!

Finally got through the game.  As expected another good game from you :)  Again I really enjoy this graphics style and the story was great as well, as expected a twist at the end but I never picked it.  Bosses are fair as well.  Good work :) 

Thank you so much my friend, I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Neat game but I kept getting caught by the big baby.  I watched some other playthroughs an they seemed to out run it fairly easily.  Has something changed in the latest update that might affect the speed of the baby?  Please have a look and let me know.  Thanks :) 

Yes! he's faster now, I'll slow him down.

The game is great, you really managed to nail the Silent Hill vibes of the original games, especially the combat and story. What I love most is the monsters, it really made me want to play the game, it was truly reminiscent of the otherworld monsters, while still feeling fitting to the art style of the game.

I did manage to get lost once while playing, I missed the key after completing the orphanage and ended up circling the map looking for it. Still the game was fun just wailing on the enemies with an axe as they attacked me.

The game was great, and when I get the chance I will have to play the rest of the games you made.

Thank you very much! soon I plan to release an expansion for the game and even release it on steam. Thank you for real!

Great game, dude! That was a lot of fun. I didn't see that ending coming. Definitely a creepy experience all around. Keep up the good work, my friend!


Thank you very much for your support!

after Midnight Series I love Your style, buying it right now. Keep it up, You are better and better mate.

Thank you very much! Your support is very important!

Hi, want to let you know that your game made it on the very top best games for today out of 127 games that I checked, congratulations.


Thank you for the recognition, it is very important to me.

You are very welcome, doing this for the purpose of supporting indie games and the developers here! So it is nice knowing this is actually of value and that is important to you. Best of luck and keep it up sir!

some gameplay of red valley 


Thanks bro!


your welcome .no problem