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616 Games makes some good stuff. This was no exception haha.  I played all 3 Poop Killer games in the Trilogy for one video.. only found one small bug in the first one.. and a copyrighted song in the 3rd game. Hopefully you enjoy. 

This CRAP never ends. 
Poop Killer Trilogy COMPLETE (Let's Play Poop Killer 1, 2 & 3) 

Honestly i have never had as much fun as i have playing this trilogy its absolutely brilliant, not to mention how quick each game came out and the well made quality, 616 you are truly a dev god! gameplay of all endings above, if you enjoy be sure to hit the sub button guys!

Hi 616 Games so about the trash collection on steam I already own all of your games minus the ones that I downloaded quickly before a price was added to them. So Could I get a steam key? lmao if not then it's fine.


Alright Rafael, Whens Number 4 lmao

Dollar spent on game:

Husband what did you spend a dollar on?

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyou know some horror game. 

A 3rd game already? Pretty good though, if there is going to be a 4th one, I will definitely check it out. Made a video on it.

This is the BEST poop killer game so far!!!

Man what a series! Since the first installment of Poop Killer, I loved the concept! The comedy, the gameplay, and most importantly the story. Great job 616 GAMES, if this is it then farewell poop man 😂

You're sh*tting this games out faster than poop killer throws a turd! Funny game, I just was to stupid to mix the drinks at first :D

you again... pixelpauer..

Amazing job i really loved it, it also grossed me out lol, Keep up the great work!!! 

Awesome game again. They keep getting better. Keep up the great work! 

I really enjoyed the updates and the fight 101 against the assassin. Congrats! 

glad I got it while it was free

Best one yet!! I loved the endings. Check it out here!

Already with the third installment. What a legend! The endings are great and love the soundtrack.

what? You have a third-generation poop killer 3?

how to buy, i dont have any card...pliss ?

gotta be quicker than that

Really brilliant, super funny endings.  Absolutely love this series of games.

Avengers Assemble in this game - more like Poopers! 😂

Gosh...just watched Don's playthrough on this and what a game, what a gem! If I could have 4 hands, I would applauded louder - very comedic, super fun and campy towards the end. 

In my opinion, the first one still stands aside as a better game. I loved the expansion on the story of the first 2 games in this one and the action served its purpose, yet, the first Poop Killer game is more grounded and retro than the 2nd game or the 3rd one, it just feels more realistically campy, than this. 

Nevertheless, all 3 games are gold! Great job and good luck with the future projects.

Can't believe we finally get to fight back against Poop Killer! Got all the endings too! Amazing trilogy 616!

I'm impressed that you made this game so quickly after the second game. This third game is great, Good job!

Thanks bro :)

As always another great game


No more. please

Breaking Bad - S05E12 (2013): "Rabid Dog" - He Can't Keep Getting Away With  It! (HD) - YouTube

These are just getting better and better. This game is so damn funny. I don't know how you do it so fast, man. Everyone needs to play these games though. I think I got every ending but I wasn't sure if death was an ending. Thanks for the fun, dude!


Thanks man, there was a small bug with the endings but I'm already fixing it. Thanks for the support my friend!


Check it out I had fun !! :)

LOVED IT GUYS  .. Amazing work :D

I like that fact you guys post games so fast lol

poop killer 4

you fricking said poop killer 4

wow your game is amazing keep up the great work :):):)

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I can't believe that there is a 3rd sequel to the game and I liked that the 3rd game has an entire new setting and having to make drinks for customers at a bar was quite fun and it was an interesting experience. I enjoyed the different endings for the game as each ending was unique in their own way and being able to fight the Poop Killer was definitely a really fun experience. There was way more poop involved in this game and I am glad to be one of the first thousand people to get to play the 3rd season of the game XD. Would be good if there were actual animations for making the drinks in the bar and more horrifying events happening in the game to further enhance the experience of the game. I did enjoy the sudden objective of hiding somewhere in the game though as it gives the player stress to figure out where to hide within a short period of time.

Thank you for reading my comments and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Thank you my friend.

Ruft Sev

The Trilogy of Shit is beautiful. Will there be more? God, I hope so.


It just keeps getting better with each installment!


Fui testar o jogo pra talvez amanhã gravar se der e não consigo ler a carta ( ._.) Até apareceu escrito CLOSE, mas não aparece a escritura.


Olá, é por causa da resolução de tela. Postei uma correção, pode testar agora?

Testei e funcionando valeu!

no link on patreon site?

(1 edit)

NUOOSSSAA O CARA TA DOIDO FAZENDO MAIS UM JOGO DELICIA DESSES KKKKK bora jogaaaa caraiii! Pena q eu não posso gravar agora kkkk


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