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What that poop killer mouth do??? JK GREAT GAME!!!
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I picked up the Trash Horror collection on Steam, this was included.  I was really curious to play this after playing the first two Poop Killer games, very creative story here.  But man what kind of customer s**t's right on the floor, LOL.  If you want a horror game that is likely more funny than scary this is it.

Welp, another one I had fun with lol. Great Game!

i loved to see the previous games characters 

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Honestly, The humor here is pretty spot on. Im glad I found this series, however heinous it might be lol.

I finally played poop killer and it was the funniest game i've ever played in a while, cant wait to  play poop killer 5


Just Played This I Love This Series Lol!

Nice horror game!


I love how these games are all tied into each other, top tier trash!!!

this one was wild lmfaoooo man and his crazy games loved it! 


These always seem to make

me laugh. great work.

Really liked this one,wasn't expecting the fight at all🤣amazing!!

W GAME 616

Probably the Hardest POOP KILLER THRILLER yet! I DID THIS AS ELVIS ... still don't get the shovel part!


cool game


Just another bullshit 80’s horror flick.



instant classic 


Listen poop killer fans we gotta get everybody on this poop killer anthem to show our appreciation for the game series 


This wraps up the Poop Killer trilogy that's on Trash Horror Collection


Historia COMPLETA e EXPLICADA de todos os jogos de terror POOP KILLER (Todos FINAIS)

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Obrigado amigo :)

de nada. Continue com os poop killers, sao demais


Finally made it to the party and just when I thought things couldn't get any s#!+tier, 616 takes it over the top! This series has been dope as hell, you guys killed it! 👏🤝

This shit right here..... mannnnnn......AMAZING

This has to be the best one out of the whole series! I laughed so hard playing this. I didn't know I needed this game in my life! Hope this doesn't stop

Loved the whole series. The final was even more ridiculous than the previous parts! Thank you, I had great laughs! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ 


Forget avengers endgame... this trilogy is where its at! 

:D i like this seri, Pls make part Poop killer 4. Thank for made this game !

DUDE, i play this on stream and i have something to say, what if Bob Ross (this guy, the bartender) after kill poop killer just turn into poop killer, so, if that happen, u know, u can guys can do another game called POOP KILLER: LEGACY, in that game u are the poop killer and u, well, kill people whit poop 
BUT, i tink maybe is a good idea also do a POOP KILLER: ORIGINS a game about the first poop killer, u know, more lore, idk, maybe the first poop killer have a trauma, maybe he´s father hit him cause hi dont flush the bathroom and that´s why he kill people, i think is a great idea xd, if u guys take my idea i would love a mention in the special thanks, that´s literally my fckn dream

Played this yesterday on stream and all I can say is GOTY.  I was laughing so hard.  You've really outdone yourself 616.
Stop by my channel someday and say hi :3 would be an honor.  Name is the same as it is on here.

Possibly my favorite game in the Poop Killer Trilogy.

it doesnt open


Yet another impeccable installment, brother.

what the heck happened here....

The trilogy I didn't know I needed. Amazing game as usual.  

Is this really the end of the Poop killer? I do not believe it! ( All endings) 


아니아니아니 너무 디테일해서 놀라 뒤집어질 뻔ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 영상 올릴때 모자이크 하느라ㅋ
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Great game!

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