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"Poop Killer" is a Horror/Comedy inspired by the trashy horror movies of the 80's. It's a short, simple game with the objective of being exaggerated.


A killer who kills people who shit and don't flush... Jhon is working night shifts at a vhs tape store.

After a customer clogs the toilet with poop... the poop killer will chase Jhon.


.Camera:  First person (choice graphics option... ps1,1995,vhs,ps2...

.Controller:  Keyboard and Mouse only.

.Graphics:  Inspired by old ps1 games and the era of vhs tapes.

.History:  An over-the-top comedy mixed with horror... classic 80s horror movies.

NOTE: The game is based on the horror movies of the 80s, mixing horror and comedy. Creating a strange atmosphere...


PATREON:  https://www.patreon.com/616games

MORE GAMES: https://616games.itch.io/

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
Author616 GAMES
GenreAdventure, Action
Tags3D, Comedy, Comics, First-Person, Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Unity


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Differently enjoyed playing this game

This game was pretty confusing but you will get the hang of it it was also really funny looking foward to play more of your games

I played a newer poop killer game and decided to just play them all. Im obsessed with the poop killer series. horror and comedy- what can go wrong? 

J'aime beaucoup cette serie, poop killer est une référence des jeux indés :]

So HONORED THAT yall put me in the game!!!

These games are crazy! So many terds lol

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I picked up the Trash Horror collection on Steam, this was included.    I didn't know what to make of this one at first, but after playing it I thought it was pretty good and interesting (albeit disgusting too) LOL.  If you want a horror game that is likely more funny than scary this is it.


One of the most creative and funniest games I've played! Great job and excited to play the next one!

Always Remember to Flush Homies! Hyped For Part 2!

This was a shit game that mean's that this is good

10/10 Made me shit on the friggin floor

Ok this game was hilarious and fun. Definitely gave me old school vibes 

hilarious as always. Though I did get stuck in a corner at one point and had to restart haha. Game #2 

I have enjoyed all your games so far and this was no exception. Loved it, gonna catch up on all Killer Poop Parts! Funny and terrifying!

Pleasure to voice and face in this game! I can't believe PK didn't want some of my supply... 

I like the retro look of course but this game made me laugh and it was creepy too. I enjoy it. Now I gotta play your other games Im interested now. 

This game is hilarious! and also very disgusting lol was not expecting that one ending but keep up the great work!

I finally played poop killer and it was the funniest game i've ever played in a while, cant wait to  play poop killer 5


Hey man, are you aware they have made your game on Roblox?  I played the first one and it's almost identical to yours.  Setup of the video store is basically the same so is the job list and the people that come in.  

I wonder how they will do part 4 lol.

This game is crazy lol 

It was fun to play. pt-br

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W Game Bro lol

This game was freakin hilarious. I can't wait to play the sequels. Also holy shit what a dump idk how that guy survived. Check out my gameplay and let me know what you think.

great funny game xD i would of never imaging to make a game like this lol. 

keep it up! :) 

the opening music slaps

W game 

This had to be one of the strangest games I've played. Up there with Death Flush. I don't know what's with me and playing these toilet games but I enjoyed it! 

Soy ese vídeo en español que estás buscando,  JUEGAZOOO, GOTY,  de lo mejor que le ha pasado al mundo

Nice horror game!

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A hilarious nostalgia trip that brought me back to my first job as a video store clerk where the customers would always ask to use the bathroom... Excellent stuff!!!

Game Was pretty Fun keep Up The Work And Can You All Support My channel

absolutely love all your games guys good work 

Definitely interesting to say the least lol

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Great game! Had lots of fun playing this one

this was great!

this game could be shittier


I will release an update for it.

wow! i love your defecation to the craft!

but a few of minutes ago buyed i poop killer 2 tomorrow i go to play it

i played poop killer origins and it was like a nice game

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