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pretty good story wise, love these PS1 graphic type of game. Here's my indonesian gameplay

Love it! 

Loved it!

Mano, amo os seus jogos cara.
Sucesso sempre, se precisar de um designer me voluntario em te ajudar. Um abraço

THE GAME WAS REALY GOOD AND i like the twist in the end i will play more in the future

The game was great and that moment with granny did catch me, I knew she was going to die but still it shocked me when she did. The exploration was good, and it really felt like a slog and easy to get lost in the snow.

The compass did not really help in the end, it kept pointing me to dead ends and I only found where I needed to go when I explored. Would have been nice if the compass was combined with a basic map, maybe if it was just on the wall in the first house you went into. Something that would help me understand the basic layout and compass directions.

Other than that, the game was good and makes for a creepy cannibal horror game in the snow, especially the twist at the end makes you wonder what is actually going on.

Hey man, I've seen a couple of your games videos at a Spanish Youtuber, I was thinking in some way so I can help you with the translation to Spanish if you are interested, I can speak Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and of course English. 

pd: Seus games São obras de arte, meus parabens, Abraço.

Eu sou brasileiro, opto pelo idioma inglês pois é um idioma mundial. Futuramente pretendo trazer traduções.

Obrigado amigo, fico muito feliz pelo reconhecimento.

Sim eu entendo, o Inglés é um idioma que chega a todo canto por assim dizer, ao traduzir os games talvez chegue até a mais pessoas, cualquer coisa que eu puder ajudar pode entrar em contato comigo, boa jornada 616.

Hi! This game will be also avaible on Midnight Tales vol 3. ? Like Bloody Chainsaw  was added to MT vol 2?

the "Panic on ICE" project has already been closed. In "Midnight tales vol.3" will have 3 games plus an exclusive bonus.

thx for replay, buying it right now

Fun game! Any plans to release the soundtrack on it's own? 

Thanks friend, our soundtrack is composed by a partner artist. Karl Casey of "white bat audio".

Fun little game. I wish Martha had eaten some of that plane food though.

haha thanks friend, Martha was on a diet and hungry for meat =D



Thank you for including my logo as an Easter egg at the beginning!
I was pretty proud and very happy. Thanks for supporting my 
little channel! I'm a big fan of these games. 
Was fun as always. I'm excited to see what's to come
in the future!

That's great. You make games like running water. The game development is fast!

I know your game is already brilliant as other content creators already picked up on your game... here is another video about your project xD

Another brilliant game :)  I'm a huge fan of this style and it didn't disappoint me :)

Thank you very much! I love working with this style of play.

Keep making them because I love playing then :).  How long does it take to make a game like this?  I have no idea how to make games.  

It depends a lot on the type of game, as I work a game alone so I do it in a week. But it took me 1 year and a half to create a game.

Pretty cool, dude! I think that's the first time I've been chased by cannibals through the snow. Always fun to try something new haha. Thanks!


Thank you friend, your channel is very good!