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"Midnight Tales VOL.3: Christmas" is a different game based on the trash horror movies of the 80s. Inspired by the famous "Tales from the Crypt"... this game brings a different experience... mixing 3 bizarre stories in an even more bizarre story mode.

About Game:

Camera: First Person.

Control: Mouse and Keyboard only.

Graphics: PSX graphics style, inspired by old ps1 games.

Duration: It depends a lot on the type of player. (20 to 30 minutes)


In the middle of Christmas, a man tells some horror stories to his daughter... but something is very wrong...

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Author616 GAMES


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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About to steam this game wish me luck! 


Is there a 3rd person mode?

love all the games u guys make. 

Game is fire. Interesting storyline as always.
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Nice enjoyable games.  Sufficiently depressing and dark, but that's to be expected from horror.  I look forward to seeing more!!!!

P.S I wont be complaining about Christmas dinner again :P 

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Great game with a very interesting story line. Keep them coming! Great for my Horror Channel!

616 GAMES I WILL NEVER LOOK AT CHRISTMAS THE SAME LOL jk loved this one cant wait for the next banger

I always enjoy a 616 Game

Game Had My Arm Literally Trembling Lol

Absolutely loved this! That first story scared me more than anything lol. Great job as always!!

This is a really good game!!

Merry Christmas! I enjoyed playing this, the stories were great. You always make awesome games :) 

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Thank you for another great experience

Here the gamerplayer already play this on Live stream for your game is on 2:06:24

Really enjoyed this man, some good scares and a lovely sinister dark background story surrounding it all, Merry Christmas everyone!

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Good video, loved the commentary and reactions.  Keep them coming.


Thanks man :)


This was so good. Loved the 3 story concept within a game with an over-arching story. Gave me Tales From The Crypt vibes. 

Thanks bro

^^^ Full Game Above!

so i really enjoyed this, i found it to be more gritty than some of your other projects especially near to the end, but i loved that, it made the game more atmospheric and scary which is fantastic! 616 is up there with some of the best devs on itch and his unique story telling and style is what makes him stand out and its a pleasure to be able to cover these games on my channel, i cant wait to see what you got in store for this year bud! gameplay above hope you guys enjoy! 

Thanks man

Loved it!

Great game, dude! It's really well made, and I love how weird and dark that main story gets. Pretty disturbing! You got me good a few times. Thanks for the fun!

Thanks my friend

nice short horror game hopefully we get another christmas horror game. 

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Man, talk about a horrific Christmas.  The 3 stories were interesting and enjoyable.  Just finished playing and recording this.  Thanks for making the Christmas Horror game.

Thanks bro :]

can you free 1 game ? i don't have money i'm a pupil pls

can you free 1 game ? i don't have money i'm a pupil pls

Anytime, glad to play your games, have many videos on the channel with many more to come.


Fancy seeing you here haha Looking forward to trying this myself :)


Hmmm....   Yeah, I was editing an episode of Visage (Finally playing that one) and the notice for this came across, so I figured what the hell it's already just about midnight for me, why not play this one too?  :)  Will check your playthrough out when you play it.