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this game is fire

Enjoyed the hell out of this. I've been a fan of Evil Dead since I was a kid. You guys should totally do another installment for Army Of Darkness! If anyone checks out the video, thank you in advance!


Are you seriously selling a game with not only voice clips from movies but music stolen from Darkest Dungeon?

This was so much fun,i loved it!!..You did a great job with this game!!


This game was amazing! 
Please make more games based of classic horror! 

if you guys are fans of the evil dead franchise and love horror comedy then 616 games knocks this one out of the park keep them coming!

It was so good i loved it man

salve rafa de boa adorei seus jogos  muito bom mais queria saber  si vai te o trash colletion 4 na steam  quero compra todos os seus jogos 

This is one you MUST get! This game has everything you love about 80's horror and is a perfect parody of Evil Dead!  Really Enjoyed playing through this one. Check the video for full gameplay! 

I live streamed this and it was amazingly good (this link is the edited version) Great Game as always 616! Check out the video and enjoy 

ive played this game and its absolutely amazing... well done guys x



This game is all kinds of GROOVY!!! Really dope homage to the Evil Dead series. Great job on this one!!!

I loved it and really appreciated the opportunity to do Scotts voice. Now we just need a part 2. Great work 616.

I loved this. Who wanted to pay 10$ to turn everything into meat. Great adaptation on the movie. Really funny and great horror game.

arruma uma chave? o dólar aqui no Brasil tá uma facada!

One of the best evil dead games I've played, Deff worth checking out.  

common 616 banger 

This might be my favorite game of yours. Gorey, gross.. fun.. corny. Much like the movies of course. Obviously A LOT went into this game and it looks and plays great. Very very impressed.

I loved it!

Amazing game, my friend! Probably your best one so far. Any fan of Evil Dead is gonna love this. Thanks for the fun!

parece ser bom e com o gráfico melhorado!