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"Deer" is a short horror game, inspired by the trash horror of the 80s, with a bizarre story worthy of a "Tales From The Crypt".


Samuell lives isolated in his house on the edge of a lake, his great passion is hunting deer. But he will realize that everything he sowed... he will reap now!

About Game:

Camera: First Person.

Control: Mouse and Keyboard only.

Graphics: PSX graphics style, inspired by old ps1 games.

Duration: A short horror experience (10 to 20 minutes)

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Author616 GAMES
Tags3D, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, Psychological Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Unity


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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616 always know how to take something relatively harmless and turn it into a twisted nightmare. Bravo!

Awsome game as always with 616 games <3

Great game! Loved the style and hope to see more from this developer!

loved the idea and concept of the game.  

I really enjoyed this one! Good job!!

that deer is son demon

(1 edit)

Buen juego! 616 soy tu fan :) 

excellent game and atmosphere! Buen juego!

616 has been making some rad games, best indie horror devs

how to download

A bit confusing at first but I enjoyed it :)

I was NOT expecting a lot of this to happen the way it did... lol great job!! Thank you for the fun experience!

I play your game at 01:07:43 in this video!

That was fun. Not expecting such things to happen.

love the game man it was so good keep up that good work 


Me and my phobia of deer and fun with this one! Please make Deer 2! One of my fav horrors games I played this year


There has been a saying since a long time ago that deer is a spiritual and mysterious being in Korea.

It was really good to feel the old emotions that I forgot while playing this game!

Really great game :) Loved the simplicity and the story. Great work!! 10/10

This game was absolutely bonkers with some great spooks, would love to play another like it, but I will say I have no clue what the ending was 😅 

where can I find the soundtrack it’s fireeee

10/10 Game!

Very fun!

An indie horror game with an interesting narrative. The cinematic presentation makes for an enjoyable experience. Some genuinely good jump scares combined with a nice surreal, unsettling, atmosphere. And, a healthy dash of goofiness.

I enjoyed playing this game a lot! Check out my short. And if you're interested, please consider watching the full playthrough as well!


Full Video


Btw can I eat your fruit?

Awesome game! 

Shot a deer, avoided prison, eat some bad meat, got spooked by a deer!

Deer was an interesting horror experience. 

It had some silly vibes to it at times but did have a atmosphere that was a little creepy being out in the middle of know where and expecting a ghost deer to appear as you have some really strange nightmares.

Had fun with it but failed to catch any fireflies or pet any deer.

Good Job 616!

For the silliness!

Well this was fun. Certainly a unique Animal Attack style horror story.

There were moments where i felt it was a little unclear with where to go or what to do exactly, but given there aren't that many places to go, you are bound to stumble into the solution.

I don't QUITE understand the constant focus on the axe in the cabin when it seems you can't actually use it ever, however.

But still - Deer was a lot of fun! I got some good laughs and just as good chills.

ham ham

Poor DeERs

I really liked the design. Atmosphere was very nicely done too and the twist in there was a nice surprise. Great work.

This game was insane and definitely worth the $1!!

this game was fun I enjoyed it 


Really awesome and weird game!

My only piece of advice is that you give the player a flashlight throughout the entire game, or just make things a little brighter.

Second this and great thumbnail!!

Thank you very much! A lot of work went into this haha

Always interesting 616 games

Loved it as always!  Very creative premise also :3

this game was pretty interesting!!! 

Scary Scuffed Games #232


Vorgeschlagen von: Beatdown

Ich bin der Grund warum Ihr von Bambi traumatisiert wurdet.

Jetzt mal for real, was zur Hölle war das? Es war einfach nur laut, aber ich fand die derpy Rehe lustig.

Von 616 hatte ich etwas mehr stumpfen Humor erwartet, denn gruselig war das nicht.


Dito: 2/5

Chat: 1.7/5

Gesamt: 1.85/5

Another great game! Truly make me think twice about hunting deer, which I've never done but now I definitely will think twice about it. Great work on this! 

Revenge Deer!

One of my favorite things about this game is the monster design. Hands down a creative one. However, the beginning of the game (and other night scenes) was WAY too dark and needed tweaking. I suggest adding a brightness slider in the 'Settings' menu so we can adjust accordingly. Took me forever to find the deer when I got the dialogue (which was on top of the hill so I was thinking it was near the lake/ waterfront but it was the direction of the car).

Some text does stack up during the meat scene, too. On a good note, I did enjoy the chase sequence. The only thing I'd like is better environment accessibility. It's a little confusing since you can't run up/ down some hills and only go through the wooden path, even outside the chase sequence. Other than that, well done.

- Kuya Sunset

Dnešní lov se lehce zvrtne! CZ GAMEPLAY

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