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"Community" is a short horror game that tells a bizarre story. Inspired by silent hill and trash horror films from the 80s, the golden age of VHS tapes.


Marky is a young man who is running from the police, he decides to move to an isolated place with few neighbors.

After moving to a small community, he discovers that his new neighbors are not very normal.


Camera: First Person.

Control: Mouse and Keyboard only.

Graphics: Graphics inspired by ps1 games with camera filter..

Duration: It's a short game, about (15  to 30 minutes).

ENDS: The game contains two endings.

Published 28 days ago
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
Author616 GAMES
TagsCreepy, First-Person, Horror, Mystery, Psychological Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Slasher, Unity


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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 Another banger by 616 Games! Loved that it all took place in the same spot haha.

In the payment options there is no option to pay by card

I was unable to purchase with this single option

Paypal charges a lot of commissions and I don't have money in paypal either

10/10 would pay again

cool game! Kept me on my toes lol


O vendedor não aceita pagamentos na minha moeda! Mas meu cartão é internacional, não há outra forma de adquirir o game.

Tem possibilidade de lançar no Steam??

This game was so incredibly weird, but kept it a lot of fun and managed to scare me a bit, def recommend!

Weird ass neighbors get weird with the wrong weirdo

this game felt like a movie !!! awesome enjoyed myself 
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Very relatable game!

Felt like I was playing myself instead of a fictional character.

10/10, i recommend.

Pretty good game, love me a good cult!

W Game

Another fine addition to the 616 collection!

I Would've P*SSED all over Mary for locking me up in that cell! and maybe a turd for her to clean up for good measure! hahahah ANYWAY! you never fail when it comes to creating a deep story driven horror game I absolutely loved it! DOWNLOAD this game if you haven't yet you wont be disappointed! ENJOY THE VIDEO HOPE YOU LAUGH LOVE YOU BYE! 

the "Golden Age" of VHS made me a bit feel like an a old timer. thanks.


Nice game. I could see the writing on the wall from the jump but it was still a good mystery.

I really enjoyed the mystery of everything and everyone. The twist at the end was something lol. Both endings were found. Here is my video!

Really liked it

This game was a lot of fun! Specially the twist at the end XD. Those neighbours surely learnt their lesson lol

This Game Was Good Now i dont trust my neighbors! thanks 616 

Story was amazing 

616 just keeps getting better :D

One of the best 616 games yet <3


ANOTHER BANGER from the one and only 616GAMES you never let me down ;) 

Hello, I can't pay in my currency, my card is international. I liked the game, what do I do to purchase it?

Another 616 great game. The only thing you could fix is the enviroment at the end, its very dark and is hard to see whats happen!

I did a video on my channel (Spanish). Hope you like it!

Another 616 banger! 

Please add some gamma option, the game is pitch black and I cant see anything at the end, I couldnt finish the game.

I really enjoyed this one! Definitely was very unsettling in a lot of areas!
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plz add cards the buy game

I had a lot of fun with this one. I got jump scared sometimes just from nothing hahaha. 

Had a blast! 


Great game! Always a blast playing a 616 game.

WHY WAS GRAMPS PEEPING ON ME IN THE SHOWER?! Awesome game per the usual you guys <3

That was so fun!! i enjoy all of your games so much!!! :)  Absolute perfection.

i really enjoyed this game is was a bit different and i really like that you when with the ps1 graphics style on this game. hopefully we see more ps1 style horror games like this. 


ta bonito!