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I've never played this game but I watch caseoh_ so yea 👌👍

Loved the ending! A+

Im a big fan of 616 games

Gameplay en español

This was actually quite fun!!

Absolutely FUN and charming! The retro style done the right way! It was the first game I played in this 3 scary games video :D

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i would appreciate it if horror indie devs werent so insecure about their product and spoiler the creatures in the thumbnails already all the time :/ tried to look past the pictures to get a true blind first look. impossible since its a huge gif right in the middle. dammit. theres a reason david szymanskis iron lung got to me, i didnt know what awaited me, no indication in any pictures on the storefront, mouth to mouth is how proper marketing should be made for these types of games. T_T or very vague cryptic images. one thing i always hate in any creaturefeature: showing the monster immediately and taking away any sense of fear from the shadows or the mystery what hunts you.  or as joel vargskelethor always says: if you make a alienmovie and show the alien, you failed at building suspense. :/ never. spoil. the. horror.

Bro this game cost a dollar i can't even get bubble gum for half the price, halloween is coming up so these bitches better fill my bowl with cash and card, don't care if its their >:)

Just kidding this game was good unless the aliens lets say, that's probably the best guess of what other life forms will look like in the moon, ngl it looks like some random spider from a horror game and does look like the kid spider, and cuz were talking space.

Fun Fact: NASA actually started investgating the ocean before their space jig, cuz one day the went to going into space and trying to get us out of the planet... But why?

Think for a momment about the fun fact.

Kinda disturbing.

I know

Desculpa o comentário ser em português, mas quero me expressar melhor (e sei que vc é BR). O jogo tem uma ideia ótima de verdade, mas acho que nesse tempo de "mineração" poderia ter tido algumas coisas "a mais"... achei legal a sensação  de "caminhar na lua" e "sentir a gravidade", mas depois de 10 minutos fica monótono rsrs. Mas a ideia é legal! 

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>ps 1 styled humans
>lowpoly styled levels
>player can see his legs
>monster is highpoly

welcome to trash horror style

I wasn't too fond of the collecting  samples bit because it reminded me of playing mass effect 1. A bit tedious and boring. But other than that, the scuttling noises freak me out.


hey, can you share how much money you earned from this game? 

they probably earned at least one dollar 😁👍

i liked how da creature & its baby was chasing me!!

Another amazing game! Loved the atmosphere and the feeling of claustrophobia. Great work

This game was boring if I'm completely honest. Nothing really happens for the vast majority of the game and when something finally does happen, it's incredibly lackluster. There are much better games in 616 Games' catalog, go check those out and skip this one. 

I'm not saying other comments are dishonest but ask yourself this, "Would I like to walk/jump around the moon for 25 minutes and listen to my character breathe the entire time knowing that nothing is going to happen?"

If the answer is yes, you deserve this game.

Thanks for making games and better luck next time!

This game really isn't for every type of player. As I say in the description it's a slow progression game because I wanted to give the feeling of actually being on a totally isolated lunar mission.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to please everyone.

I understand that my opinion differs from most people but this is definitely my type of game. I thoroughly enjoy slow-burn horror games. I just think it could have been executed a lot differently to more success. 

The vast majority of people enjoy this game and I'm happy to see that! Your success is much more important than my opinions alone. I just have higher expectations since I've played most of your other games and was hoping to see more improvements.

SPACE is really big and already dangerous enough, and then ALIENS!

Good, game. I had fun


is the cutscene really laggy for anyone else?


This game was so hard to complete. Hard to restart it like 3 times and sacrifice $126 for pay to win. 10/10


hi can you send me some of your ps1 style models please i need them for a game.

Low poly models are easy to make just watch a blender video. it should take you less than a day really.

is that easy?

It is easy but requires patience and exploration.


Another fantastic game! Truly unsettling when entering and collecting samples in the craters. You nailed the atmosphere there. Really drives home the fear of being alone in an unfamiliar place. I love how the game picks up in intensity about halfway through. Overall, a great sci-fi horror experience!

I fell in love with Susan... so I swapped her out with her twin Susana. That explains everything!

Oh, that's great. It looks good. I'll download it now. Good I luck, brother!

I like your games! i hope more comes out soon :)


Pretty cool, man. It definitely felt creepy being deep down in those craters. And that alien design was badass! It took a while to navigate the area but it was a cool experience. Thanks for the fun, my friend!

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Thanks broo :) I will update the game soon, it makes it less tedious hahaha


killed it, really cool game 

Hell Yeahh, Thanks broo :)


This game was a BLAST! I love space and enjoyed getting to play a space horror game!!

Thanks broo



Thanks my friend  :)