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Exclusive gameplay.

Gameplay en español

Thanks for this game. I loved it.

I really loved this game I like Alien horror games and this didn't di


The cornfield... always the dang cornfield! Shoutout to my boy Jake!

I dont know why I find aliens so scary but this scared me good.


another hilarious run by 616 games! loved how the aliens creeped up on me when trying to shoot em down lmao cheers

Nice game, I really enjoyed this. It had everything: stealth, action, horror and a cute puppy. I just wonder what happened to Jake, is that a clone?

Could be an Armageddon sequel of landing on a giant crater with Jake trying to save Earth lmao the possibilities are endless with this team and I cannot appreciate the quality and consistent content they push out. 

Game was pretty enjoyable!  Though kept dying in the cornfield part since the aliens blend in too well.

I really enjoyed this one,got jumpscared so many times and i LOVED the Jake addition!!..Hope you can put dog companions in more games!!😊

This game was way more creepy than expected! I loved the alien in the cornfields concept, it always makes for the best horror experience! 

Awesome game, had a good couple scares for me hahaha

enjoyed this so much! Jake really elevated it to new levels hah, great addition :)) Thanks for sharing, wish you well in future.

As usual, very cool game

one of the best games i have played!!!!!!!

Another awesome experience  thanks 616 games!!

This was such a fun game! Definitely had some scares. I liked how the game had different change of paces. Good job! 

relly good game i love the game good job 616 games

Another awesome game!

Another great horror game! Y'all really starting to become my favorite developers, how consistent you are! Hope you enjoy my video :)

This was pretty fun. Got stuck in a couple parts for a bit which got a little annoying but it was short enough that it didn't really matter and I still felt compelled to finish. Nice game!


I always have a great time playing your games, and this was no exception! It was a nice change of pace from what I'm used to playing, and the game had REALLY good pacing! Another fantastic game, great work!



This was cool and well worth a play. Good job...

This was really fun and made me jump a few times. Keep up the great work!

This was great, nice work! The PSX effect was a little bit strong for my tastes but the atmosphere was on point and getting to go on a rampage after they grab your dog is incredibly fun!

Gameplay em português do Brasil!

I havent Played This game yet but I saw some awesome Youtubers Play It and It looks AMAZING!

Really good game !

Tentei colocar o vídeo hoje mas tem muitos direitos autorais de música! Fica para outro dia :(

Muitos youtubers gravaram sem nenhum problema com direitos. Não sei por qual motivo aconteceu isto.

são canais desmonetizados então o youtube nem reporta a eles.... Mas consegui editar e cortar toda a música e hoje às 19h vamos jogar essa belezura! Bom trabalho amigo!

Rafa, realmente parece que não tem direitos autorais, pois o youtube adicionou estúdio e música automaticamente na descrição do vídeo.... Talvez seja por isso que esteja bugando... Mas por via das dúvidas reeditei e cortei a música!

(2 edits)

The sheer volume of the sound the aliens make when you shoot them was painful.  Also the volume during abduction was insanely high as well.  The loud high pitched noise continued while on the ship.  It was painful and made the game almost unplayable.   I hope you don't continue to let that happen in the future games.  otherwise it was great!

P.S. I did get hit immediately with a copyright claim, I asked to have the claim removed and was denied, which totally blows.

Great game! I like the story & can't wait your another project. enjoy my gameplay :)

Another awesome game. Great job! 

Nice but due to copyright claim on my video 3/5. :/

I don't recommend posting the video here before the premiere, because we couldn't go to your channel!

It's okay you can visit my channel anytime if you want. :) 

Had  a FUN time .. feeling bit  Suss on Jake  though 😅


Copyrighted Soundtrack in your game after picking the shotgun! :/

I'm sorry about that friend, I'll change the sound.

Is this why my vudeo got copywrite claimed.. lol. Any money this video will never make is all YOIRS  😘🤪

Just remove the claim and you are good to go. :) 

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