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Another masterpiece!

616 Games produces quality games so quick 

the giant rat honesty scared me lol!!  

I noticed you use Unity. Is there any hope for Linux ports in the future??

House of Rats? More LIKE HOUSE OF HORROR!! Love the atmosphere, feel like the painting/renovation was a bit.. lacking? Repetitive, although if done right, it can add a bit more creepiness. However, I loved it for what it is and I loved slaying the giant rat man! It was the third and final game I played in this video :)

Not too shabby


I really enjoy the game and it was fun I like the twist in the end i hope to see more soon cant wait  

Another excellent game 616. I really liked this one. I can't believe how many games you're pumping out so quickly. I'm impressed. And so far everyone I've played has been great. Looking forward to seeing more.

Thank you so much friend, I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Another great game.  So weird and so cool, like someone says below.  I'm amazed at how quickly you put out these games and the fact they are really good as well.  Thanks for making.  


Thank you my friend :)


I am impressed by how you are able to create these horror retro indie games at such a fast rate, and that they all look like really promising games to play throughout. Very nice job dude :)


Thank you my friend!

That was a dark story for sure. It starts out a little slow but that also sets you up good for the 1st scare haha. I didn't expect that. Nice job though, dude. It's always fun checking out what you're up to. Thanks!


Thank you my patron hahaha :)


It was.... incredible!


Thanks broo

This is one of those stories where everything sucks for everyone involved lol... As for the game itself, it's a quickie that forces the player into some uncomfortable situations. No real difficulty to speak of, so if you're looking for something creepy that won't have you stuck repeating the same bullshit part over and over again, give it a shot!

Here's my no-commentary playthrough: 


Thanks for playing my friend.