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93/100 VERY GOOD

Another awesome game.  Keep them coming :) 


The game really reminded me of Security Booth, and is a lot better on the horror. Just watching the security camera and seeing the moving ghost girl, as you look out at the oncoming guests knowing that potentially one of them is the killer and you are unsafe. 

Also the ending was great, really tied in everything that was happening. Really great game and easily one of my favourite short games you have made.

Also was the Detective Hoffman and Scott T intentional saw references? Because I was greatly amused when I saw the names, even if I was immediately suspicious of Hoffman.

A great game!


my favorite game of yours so far, i was confused at first but it all came together nicely! it's always good to see a notification that you've uploaded something, i've never been disappointed :) 

Yes <3

616 you are a MONSTER as always you don't disappoint with your games and what you aim to do. Love the game and the experience was first hand terrifying. I shall be playing more of your games that's for sure. 

Another great horror game from you! This game is excellent, it has mystery and it is terrifying. Good job :D

another 616 banger

Really enjoyed this game, you really captured the suspension and atmosphere of horror in this cant wait to play more of your games! gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to like and subscribe!

Creepy one

Rafael, yasmin & Karl Did it Again!!! GG Guys!

Another great Game from "616 GAMES", Get it now!

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very story creepy :D gg RAF

Just like your previous games this was pretty good. For being free games, these are insanely well made, can't wait to see what you will make next. Made a video on it.

love your game thank you

Great game mate! keep em coming! :) 

These games are just gonna keep coming n' coming aren't they? 

FYI Love your games

It was ok!

You're getting better and better with each game, my friend. This is pretty damn good. I like how you can make games in any style and they're always fun to play. Thanks, dude!


Solid addition to your long and exceptional list of games! 

I've been playing couple of games done by you, 616 Games and I have to say, neither of them failed to deliver or lack anything less than a superlative quality horror. I mostly enjoyed shorted game and have been looking for the longer playthroughs of "Midnight Tales Volume 1" - the tension never stops. 

As for this game, it has brilliant execution, great looking visuals, detailed environment, weirdly corny and camp like dialogue and creepy atmosphere. The design of the game is surreal, which makes it feel scary and think about that this would have happened in real life. I felt more and more immersed in the gameplay, especially after the unexpected twist.

The only flaw, I would say was the ending. I thought it would go in a different direction and maybe, if you replay the game you might get a 2nd ending, but for me, it felt rushed.

Good luck with the future game development and can't wait to see more fresh content from you developers. Cheers! 

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