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Good stuff as usual! A+


Omg this jumpscare...

Never jumped so hard in my life!!! 

As always your game did not disappoint I look forward to playing more of your games

This was a good game, the story was great.  It seemed dragged out at times, particularly while waiting for the next customer or spooky event.  Loved it just the same.  Here is a video of my playthrough.  

you got me at the end :( 

needs more elevator 

This was an enjoyable game! My only complaint is that there's not a lot to do during some of the down parts. It would have been nice if there were some basic tasks or something to keep players busy while they're waiting for the next event. But, overall it was a good time! 

The Best Game <3

Nice horror game!


any one crack this game am poor ASF

This game was pretty good. First game I picked to play from the  trash horror collection :)  Def got me at the end there ! 

can you send me the game in winrar pl

This game genuinely gave me more heart attacks than outlast did.  The characters are so quiet they just sneak up on you! Enjoyed this game from start to finish, definitely would recommend.


Cool game here's a speedrun

@@ good game, i think bug when i don't accept the four guest, but he still go down form stair ??? :D game ok, thank for this game !

Quick question: are you Italian? Because I was watching a gameplay and the first character we meet in the game is Karim Musa which I doubt is a coincidence an since it's the name of the famous Italian youtuber Yotobi I was wondering if you were in fact Italian or if this was just a coincidence.

I'm Brazilian, the characters that appear in the game are people who are my patrons.

Karim è un patrons della casa di sviluppo, se vai a vedere sul suo canale ci ha fatto un video a proposito

This was another fun great game, highly recommend it, also as always, awesome music to set the tone. 

I Really Enjoyed this one! great atmosphere, Amazing music and nice used of Assets / environment Cant wait to check out more of your work in the future! here is my playthrough for your viewing pleasure ! let me know if you liked it in the comments. ❤

Also did you know that Markiplier played your game lately? 

Really enjoyed this game!Wasn't expecting the ending at all😅

Was pretty spooky and was fun to play! The innerving silence really enhanced the time when the spooky noises of the clock and background music played and made the whole environment super creepy! Only noticed it while editing, but the ghosts only appeared on the screen whenever the killer dude came into or left the hotel which I think was a super great detail! Only thing I wished was for this to be longer and the subtle scares like the ghosts be used more, other than that, it was a great spoopy game!

I never thought I would become a real fan...

But you made it!!!



a german youtuber like 616 games

lmao this game was so fun to play, Check me out.

This was a whole lot creepy and I loved it! 

616 games- I'm such a huge fan of your's- so much that this is the start of my doing a 616 games week! I love the psx styling, love the premise and likewise, the tension-building was very well done. You're putting out all sorts of awesome work and I'm here for it. Thanks for such a great game!

Thanks for playing!

I'm seriously obsessed with every game that comes out, great job. Great storytelling as always. 

The first 616 Game that I've played and definitely will not be the last. Since playing "The Elevator" I'm  issuing a challenge to see if any of your games can scare my socks off! Great work on this one, and hopefully after a few games I get to keep my socks! 👍

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Your just a Clerk at a Hotel, Among the creepy Guests there may be a Murderer. Can we find the...Before they find us?

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I am thoroughly enjoying 616 games lately! Great game but I found myself standing around doing nothing for a little too long. The scares definitely got me. That damn elevator still needs fixing. Can't wait to try out another game.

this one made me jump a couple times good work

Man, this had me on EDGE the whole time and once I finally figured it out, I loved the progression of the story. Played Truth Loop before too.. and I have to say you guys remind me of Puppet Combo and Chillas Arts.. keep up the amazing work!

What Is It Telling You? - The Elevator 

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This game gave me genuine "Im about to get stabbed" vibes. Very well done  

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