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Very good game as always,really liked the S.C.P addition to the backrooms!!

Nice game !

i see kubz scouts in the screenshot

Fun to play--I didn't win but I did start getting the hang of how to lead the entity around so you can work. Kind of mellow(?) for a chase which I liked. Enjoyed, thanks for creating :)

Unique and creepy backrooms game. Keep up the great work! 


love your games they are scary great game

This is pretty good. I did get a little frustrated towards the end though. 🙃 

I love this game dearly. I ended up remixing the intro theme song. Hope yall like it.

This was great! A perfect blend of SCP and The Backrooms. Has some intense moments and fun gameplay. I enjoyed my time playing this! Great work!

Just thought I'd let you know my girlfriend checked this out. She loves your games! She also named the 173 stand-in "Billy".

This game legitimately was confusing at first but I enjoyed, jump scared me like a thousand times

i love the context of the game <3



love your game thank you :)

I really enjoyed this one! Such an interesting concept of SCP's being in The Backrooms! Once again 616 Games delivers!

Wait It's free now?

No-commentary playthrough:

I'm not much for the backrooms games, mainly because it seems like there's a new one everyday and they're all about the same. This, however, provides a nice spin on the concept. I felt the same way about a game called Just Stopping By, which was a pretty unique take on the backrooms (check it out!). 

Anyway, I really like the idea of humans finding a way to visit this other realm willingly, and even use it as a resource. Good stuff!

Awesome work! I played this game because you added a spin with the SCP. I'm wondering if there's two endings to it. Game here: 

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Made me take a screenshot. Good job with this one!

liked this one a lot!! 

That was a cool little story. I like the look of this one. The Backrooms always give off a creepy vibe. Is there another ending hidden in there? It gave me the impression that there might be a way to kill that thing but I couldn't find anything else when I went back in. I was hoping to find a gun or something haha. Thanks for the fun, dude!


Thanks my friend, actually there are only 2 endings, death and life hahaha. The creature "SCP-173" is difficult to kill as it is made of concrete and pieces of iron.

you make game so fast!

Love the idea of merging these two things together like this. Great game!

Thanks my friend!

omg i really am hype to play and record this lmaoo