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As always with 616 games, very good short horror game <3

Wonderful. I really enjoy the game and the story!! Waiting for the next one!

I did a video on my channel (ESP) hope you like it ^^

It was short and spooky, I'd say it's worth the dollar.
I really enjoyed the few scares this game had, do more of that for real.
the kicking in the door part had me genuinely unsettled.

Great job as always I always enjoy your games. 

played this one in my lateset 3 scary games video and i mist say 616 games only keeps getting better the premise and writing was great!

ngl, it was quite a fun and scary experience. Keep up the good work!

Aint no way ima sleep good tonight after playing this. 

Yall are steppin it up once again!!! Great game!!! 

Hammer Spiel, wie immer! Bitte mehr davon :)

The ending mechanic with not looking at the killer's face was so fun. Seeing him out of the corner of my eye made it that much more freaky!

This was a fun little game!

I LOVE THE MUSIC! STill don't understand what you needed to do to open the attic lol

Legit creepy and raw, just the way it is supposed to be. 

Loved the game. With this project and the recent one, S.M.S. I think the diversity grows bigger and somewhat staying away from the series like "Poop Killer" improves the execution of the games. This one had it all, minus some details, which can be improved, but overall, solid game. 

Best of luck in the future. Cheers! 

Thank you my friend


That was awesome! I love the dark stories you tell in your games. Its always a pleasure checking them out. Thank you, my friend!

Thanks bro  :)

love the game thank you so much :):):)

Thank you my friend!  :)


Here is my video! My honest feedback at the end as usual. Very spooky, and it gave me jeepers creepers vibes. The jumpscares were good and I like how it was straight into it! 

Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it.

Very nice!

Thanks man!  :)


I've really enjoyed every game you guys come out with. I need to become a patron supporter :). In this one I was looking to hard for objects lol.

Thanks bro :)

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FUCK yeah i am <3 Gonna post the playthrough tomorrow. S.M.S is uploading now! You beautiful bastards