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The best one yet! Keep it up!

Torcendo muito por vc! Mas depois que colocou o bosta do Max na origem do assassino mais trash do planeta, eu dei uma broxada...

had fun with this one! 🤣 so fun to play! Love the voices too 
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Very good game once again!..I really enjoyed the voice acting,hope we can see that in more games!

wieder einmal ein episches Spiel.

Bitte mehr davon :D

Man the difference between the old games is IMENSE. I like the simplicity of the graphics. I would like to see a more dark and scarier game than Poop Killer. All in all, VERY good job

História explicada de Poop Killer 5

This was such a fun game. Nice touch with the voice acting and expansive map. I had fun with this

Poop Killer 5 is better than 4 in my opinion . The puzzle and voice acting is a nice touch :)

This game was awesome and I enjoyed being apart of it 

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first Poop Killer was fun, second was ok... rest of them... MEH, but this is just to much...


LOL this is my first time playing this series and i’m absolutely dying with laughter 😂😂

i haven't played these games in a while but this was so fun and i love all the improvements, the map was massive which was a surprise, granted the walking back forth was a little tedious but i was fine with it, i loved the voice acting haha really sets the ton, and just the story in general haha reminds me of the sharknado series, how they kept bringing movies out although they weren't very good in a sense its a the same with this its trashy 80s horror at its best and i love it! (this is a compliment btw) although i loved the "cut the cameras" ending hahah great game! gameplay above hope you guys enjoy! i got all endings! 

Wow, dude. This has to be the best one yet! Everything is so good about this game. I loved the voice acting, they did great. Thanks for all the fun!


Pleasure to voice and face in this game! I can't believe PK didn't want some of my supply...

To kill him you have to shoot the toilet... that is... in the head haha


im... im gonna find you.


tem a saga na Steam?

Theses games never stop getting old. And if they do it like fine wine.

love the game lots thank you so much :):):):)

No-commentary playthrough: 


Please make a free game again :(