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Great Game like always :)

Game was great, but it took just 15 minutes

i love a good poop

Great comeback loved it.

I know I'm gonna be one of the weirdos but like are the covers of the yk what kind of movies real? Any place I could yk, find them? 

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to be honest that song was pretty catchy, overall loved PK's comeback.

Well, this was definitely an interesting addition to the poop killer saga  :) 

poop killer is back........

This game was so damn good! I always get hyped when I see a new Poop Killer game released! Caught me off guard with the voice acting and I loved it! Excited to see what's next in the Poop Killer series!

I absolutely enjoyed this game and I can't believe someone actually tried to sub for the OG Poop Killer...also voice acting is amazing, if you ever need some voice work I would be happy to contribute

perfect trash!

i wonder if the Poop Killer will ever go to space...

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Yo, dev! These games are fuckin dope, and I'm tryin to showcase them all on cast, but you keep getting closer and closer to the TOS line!! CHILL!!! BRO!!! LOL!


This shit never gets old.

Yall want my voice? Love to do something for here!

have you planed on making them for mac.os

que tan probable es que me baneen de twitch por jugar esto en directo? xdddddddddddd

Wieder einmal ein Meisterwerk!
Bitte mehr davon :D

I finally got my video up. Had to censor a few of those VHS tapes on the shelf so this edit took a while. But it was badass seeing Poop Killer burst from the butt cheeks of hell and get his revenge! That fight was pretty tough but eventually he took enough dildo smacks to the head and went down haha. Thanks for the fun, dude! And thanks for the shoutout in the credits! I didn't expect to see that, my friend!


Thank you, this sequel to Poop Killer is really pornographic hahaha... I'm glad you liked it my friend.


Billy - Rebeudeter was here...

i died from poop killer, click retry and game does not progress anymore

Thanks, this bug is now resolved.



Let's go Broo

In my opion, Poopkiller 4 is not really impressive

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I always create my games with a lot of love and madness...  unfortunately it's impossible to please everyone.

I just love these games!

Ahhhh man,It's my first time to know 616 post a game sooooooooo godamn early.

I'll tell the uploaders on . AS MUCH AS I CAN!

In no time,your game will be an "art" again.

BTW:Sorry about that I was poor,I won't buy it.

ooh shit here we go again.

hey 616 I would love to lend my voice for free for any of your games.

Here is some of my stuff DM me on anything

Next game I will definitely need it :) Thanks

nice! I'm excited ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ just give me the details when you are ready