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very nice game

The lamp is mightier than the knife

Nice game!

AN ABSOLUTE BANGER 616 never misses

Here's that speedrun

good survival game, thank for this game !

loved the concept on this! Fun spooky vibes for sure! Keep em coming 🔥

we have to kill killer

You would’ve thought this was Fortnite the way I was building them walls lol. This was a cool game

What's the intro music you used for this game? Sounds amazing.



That was pretty fun. I always like the home invasion games because it's something we're all afraid of. Just make sure you unload that gun on him when he appears or you'll be restarting from the beginning haha. Thanks for the fun, my friend!


Thanks friend, now I made it more difficult and there are 2 saves.

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Hi bro i want to buy the source code can you sell it ??

spooky trap

Really enjoyed this one! check it here

You release like 10 games a month, how do you do this? Is there any way I can help you make more of them? I'll totally be a voice actor if you're willing to have me. Whatever it takes to get more games. Some criticism for this game though, is that it doesn't quite live up to the other games you've made. It's a bit repetitive and the most effective part is the ending because it reminded me of your other great games. 

I'll be playing your games for the rest of my life so I hope the next one has more of that 616 Games' charm that I'm used to.

Thanks for making games!

Thanks my friend, sometimes I like to release different things to test, this was a game that I wanted to create this mechanic.

Another cool game from 616!


Reuploaded because of some errors. Another awesome game from the same developers! I had fun playing it. Honestly, It was scary as well. I can't wait for another game from you guys. Big love <3

No-commentary playthrough:

This was a fun one, but I must say... Allowing the player to retry the ending from the time you equip the gun would be just lovely. The problem is that the break in/board up section of the game, while fun to play on the first go, isn't challenging enough to remain interesting on repeated playthroughs. So it ends up feeling like you're going through the motions for over ten minutes just to get another crack at the bad guy. Perhaps something to consider.

Thanks friend, good suggestion.


Another one? Omg tell me your secrets lmaooo


For real, this guy cranks them out! It's like episodes of a really good horror anthology!


yeah, guys like Puppet Combo should be ashame for taking a lot of money from thousand of Patreons and still do nothing, 

only some awful patches for Stay out of the House, for year now...

Deleted 1 year ago

Big L