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This one was very interesting. It is def worth trying out. You won't be disappointed at all. Check out the vid for gameplay. 

10/10 This was so freakin' good! I had to get both endings. Congrats on making me terrified from start to finish

game was really good got jumpscared 2 times lol i recommend for 1$

I'm late but here it is.  My only major complaint in the game was lack of key usage. Maybe pressing space or E to skip dialog or exit binoculars versus forcing the user to click everything? 

Other than that, I had a blast and it was actually really funny!

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Sure it ain't poop killer but is just as enjoyable! Though I did have fps go down for some reason during that chase scene but still manage to make it funny.

Once again 616 Games came with the heat and maaaaaaan was this game fire 

616 game back with another one! Does anyone sleep over there? 


This game was fast pace , was creepy and some humor as always. Can definitely say its a typical 616 game but in a good way! Played through to get both endings. 


Olá 616 jogos! gostaria de saber como posso mandar meu currículo  para vcs.

what is updated?


I had problems with copyright, I had to remove 2 songs.

Love it! :) 

I loved this game! Had an amazing time with it. I am def checking out the rest of your games now. Great Job!

 Loved the game loved the style but i loved the music even more. What would i have to do to get the poop killer song for my outros??  

Well done on another great game.  I quite enjoyed this and think its one of your better games.  Love the ending btw, really cool.  

This was great! Good pacing, interesting premise,  and a little bit of humor thrown in! Makes for a great short horror game! I really enjoyed this!

LOVED THIS ONE, thank you for letting me be the reporter :) was super excited to see it 

This one's really good. It's pretty suspenseful since you know a home invasion is coming eventually haha. The binoculars were really cool too. It was a lot of fun. Thanks, dude!

Is this killer me? Hey hey! Haha ~ now download and experience the game you made, man, come on!


No-commentary playthrough:




Really enjoyed this one! check it here!

i enjoyed the game hopefully we can get a horror game were you get to play as the killer.


yet again you nailed it dude, and that mask wow its genuinly terrifying especially with the life like eyes, and then the comedy part is the topping on the cake, great game really enjoyed it, gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to hit that sub button guys its all appreciated thank you 

this looks super fun!! Can you update the steam version of the trash horror collection?

Coming soon...


I thought this game felt so refreshing compared to recent games! I really enjoyed the stalker aspect of this. It felt like you were always being watched and never knew when he was going to pounce. When he did, it was RUTHLESS and so scary! I don't know if I hit a bug or not, but I had to restart the full game over again after getting one ending rather than just continuing where we left off like in recent games. However, that didn't stop me from completing all endings and having such a fun time doing it! Great horror game!

I think there was a bug, there's a save right in the chase part... I'll fix that.


Excellent horror game and very good reference to disturbia. Good job!

Thanks my friend :)


Another great game! Keep them coming!


Thanks bro


I got a few copyright strikes from playing this. I'm not sure if you own the content that is being copyrighted but regardless, it's not cool to put things in your game that you're selling that you don't completely own. 

The game itself is what you would expect from 616 Games with a bit more comedy at the focus ever since their success with the Poop Killer games. It's the definition of selling out at the first hint of success but I don't have a problem with that, it's just a fact that seems pertinent in a review.

Fix the copyright issues, and continue improving your games. Hopefully you'll strike a balance between comedy and horror that isn't so detrimental to one or the other.

Thanks for making games!


i totally agree with you on that. i would also like to see longer and quality games .

There was a patreon poll and Trash/Comedy is what won for the next game to be made (this one)

This game was nostalgic for me. The story was a bit similar to the 2007 movie "Disturbia" and some details got me exciting and thrilled, especially the binoculars moment and the visiting of the killer - that was gold!
Great job with the ending and I can't say enough - well done, once again developers! Cheers ✌💌


Thanks dude


I know you're probably busy working on another project but could you perhaps work on an Ecstatica type game based in the dark ages or Medieval era?