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Un tueur en série qui se nomme , le tueur au marteau lol.Excellent jeu .

Everything was cool (as always), except for the Columbine bit... I'm old enough to remember when that happened for real, so... yeah... I appreciate the warning you put, but it's pretty tasteless, and not in a fun way. Please don't take that too much in the wrong way though because I have a lot of fun with your other games.

Shotgun Massacre made me more than a little uncomfortable and I chose not to actively pursue it's "goal", but overall this was a good collection with an interesting twist at the end. 
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can you post it on steam?

Played 'Just Arrived'

and it was really cool!

This is one amazing collection of 4 games (except the 2nd which is iffy) I enjoyed each and every single one I will be playing more from 616 Games and better yet all will be on my channel at some point.

Keep up the amazing work!

AWESOME! I got the bundle, played this first and looking very much forward to all the rest! All hail to brilliant trash!

Awesome anthology! I love your games =)

Question: Would it be possible to add some graphic options for volume 1 and bloody chainsaw? they both are the only ones that run horribly on my pc.

I like all the game have a story and a twist be hide them a really enjoy it I will replay them soon. was awesome

Very good game,really liked the story mode,nice soundtrack,i really enjoyed it!

Can't wait to play Vol.2!

Thanks friend, volume 2 is a little simpler. Shorter games, however, are a lot of fun.


Man I love this game but also I really REALLY love the soundtrack - I tried looking for game audio in the files but I'm not good at those kinds of things at all lol - the soundtrack hasn't been posted anywhere has it? I'd pay for it, even

I want more games like these

Coming soon ...


yo the soundtrack for the game is honestly so lit i have to ask where you got it from?? did you produce it? i need the songs on my playlist like right now lolll

I'm finally checking this one out and its great so far! This vid just has the 1st game but I'll be playing this all week, so more are coming soon. Great job, dude! Can't wait to check out Vol 2 soon too. 


Is there a way to reduce the game's resolution? It's not running on my pcEm


What is the shotgun massacre part based on if i may ask?


It is a short game based on the Columbine High School massacre. It's pretty heavy and has the option to skip the game to proceed in the story mode.

Hey there, so I love this game so far but is there some sort of patch? I can seem to put this game into fullscreen preventing me from playing certain games. The upper right corner of the pc used in "shotgun massacre" is inaccessible.

Thanks for the comment, could you send me a picture?

Sure and forgive me for my delayed response!

This is what it looks like on Shotgun Massacre

As you can see, its not giving me an option to make this fullscreen

Really enjoyed all games and the scenario of the video store.  It will be incredible to see what comes next in a volume 2. Odysee

Thank you! I will bring volume 2 soon.

Twice now I've had the chat popup at the start of shotgun massacre stay after the chat is done, making me unable to proceed. The menu has a bit of text outside of the screen, is there an exit button in the chat I can't see perhaps? I am using a 16:10 screen by the way. Some indie games just slice off the edges when viewed on 16:10 instead of the more popular 16:9.

Hello friend, the game is made in Widescreen, 16:9 format.

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Is there no in-game workaround? Seems odd to have to mess with your computers settings instead of doing it inside the game so it'll go back to normal once the game is closed.

Edit: and it seems my monitor can't even switch to anything except 16:10 resolutions at that, weird.

I thought I'd try the old Alt+Enter to exit fullscreen trick, but no, the game remains in a 16:10 mode even in windowed. 
Example of sides being cut off below.

So it seems the game doesn't resize well, but Unity also forces it to conform to the native screen format in some ways.

Play for Just Arrived, The Last Enlightened was okay Shotgun Massacre was tasteless basically a mobile game but even Granny can beat that Pizza Delivery was not good, Would I recommend DEF for Just Arrived that was absolutely stunning I hated how the dialogue was handled in each game. Yes though def buy for the first game the storyline itself has potential.I would def buy the next series soooo yes buy for the first game try it all skip the second.


I need to say, You are a quite good story teller Sir. Really I wasn't expect that, but those game are intense and whole story was like... I was just waiting what happen next. I was worried that You will be a guy, who just copy a Puppet Combo ideas, but I was wrong. You are doing your own, original job. Thanks for really good expierence.

Thanks friend, I hope you like the next games...

Ofc I will :) I also need to check your other work, especially Blood Camp, it's look promising

Still going and I gotta say 616 you are good with the looks. This game though wasn't as good as your first 2. Bugs got me killed but hey still it's a great lot of games I want to see more. 

Thanks friend, I hope you like the future releases.

Indeed keep at it. 


This game build was created by Unity... the settings are to run on (Windows, Mac and Linux). Unfortunately I don't have support to test in other versions.


really enjoyed this puppet combo esque grindhouse VHS series, except for tape 2, I will not be putting Shotgun Massacre in the video, alittle overboard even for my extreme tastes, I do hope to see more of the others tho, nice project

Thanks, about the tape "Shotgun Massacre" is really very heavy and has a very sensitive topic. I hope you enjoy the next games to come.

Had a blast playing it!! Great job developing it!! Will play future games!

Thanks for the support.

Again had to play more of this game. This is a masterpiece and I want to see more. I can't wait to play all the games in this series. 


Very much enjoyed this! Great value for money. I think the third tape is my favourite. I love the overarching story with Rachel that connects all the tapes too. Good job.

Thank you my friend, your comment is very valuable to me.

Another episode up! This covers story 2 and 3, although 2 is a bit censored due to some extreme subjects. Still loving the game!

Thank you, really the tape "Shotgun Massacre" is very violent and addresses a very sensitive topic... I hope you enjoy the game to the fullest.

Happy to have played the game, but also it's funny that Shaun was apart of this, I know him and he knows me lol. Still I liked this game it was a mature horror game. 

Thanks my friend, Shaun doesn't even know about the game yet... It was a surprise for my friend.

So far I loved the first story! I'm excited to try the other three!

Your video was very good! Thank you for your support. Watch out for the "Shotgun Massacre". ;D

Of course! And I've seen some other comments about it. Not sure what the rules are on YouTube about that sort of thing, but if it doesn't go up, I will be playing it regardless!

Good game, I like it very much, it makes me feel scared! A bit like the style of puppet combo! Right?

Thank you friend. I get a lot of inspiration from Puppet Combo.


Started playing and was absolutely loving it. Then the Shotgun Massacre section came up and I decided to stop there. I just had absolutely no desire to play through that situation. And while giving the player a heads up and also the option to skip is nice of you, it just threw the whole mood of the game off for me. I was expecting campy, schlocky, 80s B movie horror and I'm not sure how that really fits the theme that you not only advertised, but actually otherwise achieved with the visuals and soundtrack. I'd never tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do creatively, but the rough transition in tone might be worth considering.


I'm sorry you didn't like this part itself... that's why I gave you the option to skip the game. The "Shotgun Massacre" is a heavy and violent game that was necessary for the general context of the story symbolizing the danger of the dark web and its influences.


Myself and others appear to be having issues with the payment (just endlessly loads). My browser console shows this error when I click the PayPal button:

lib.js?1643436159:2 POST 500 (Internal Server Error)

There was a problem with the payment method but I believe it has been resolved. Thanks.

It works now. Thank you!

Is it possible to buy this game directly with paypal and i get a download link?

There was a problem with the payment method but I believe it has been resolved. Thanks.
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I watched the videos, I noticed that in the game "shotgun massacre" you didn't take the shotgun when you arrived at school... it was next to the car.

Deleted 33 days ago

The payment system seems not to work on this, because the seller wants to know the location, because of taxation... and the taxation system does not work for me with paypal. can`t finish the payment, because of this.

I have the same issue here

There was a problem with the payment method but I believe it has been resolved. Thanks.

enjoying the game so far. only got to play the first game .iam looking foward to  more of your games.

About how long is this? May stream it tonight


This title includes 4 mini horror games in addition to the story mode... it's possible to complete them all in about 2 hours.

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