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Nice.  I enjoyed the main part around the house.  Not too much a fan of the maze parts but that just me.  All in all another great game :)  Keep em coming.

This was awesome. It's not a conventional horror game but it definitely has that 616 Games' charm I've come to expect after playing so many of their games. It's unexpectedly badass and I was surprised by that. 

There is a segment where you do nothing but run back and forth for about 10 minutes and I don't really know why it's in the game but it is. It's not that bad but it is worth noting. 

This is a great little game though!

Thanks for making games!

Hell yeah, man. This one's really good. I just wish I had some more victims haha. Thanks, dude!

kd aquela promoção dos 500 primeiros. Ajuda os pobres aí? kkkkk ou só o Max quem ganha?

boss fight too dard

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Love your games they are always very creative. Always great to play another game by you. Thank you for another.

No-commentary playthrough: 


Very cool! I can't help but enjoy every game that 616 puts out!

check out my channel on Youtube called Gumgunkapow.Il definitely be playing this!

vai brasil


Tmj kkkk