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Another W from the amazing 616games 


Love the SAW vibes, good stuff

i love this one 

i love this game

saw but not saw 

Gears 2 maybe?

HUGE fan of the saw series and this was amazing for how short it was.

That was amazing!!..I'm a huge fan of the saw franchise so i was very excited about this game and i wasn't disappointed!..I really hope there is gonna be a sequel to this!!

Great job! Game very perfect

This game was great, such a fun ride too.

Loved this game! I wished it was a little longer but it really felt like I was playing a saw game. Great job on this one!

I caught sooo many bodies lol. I had a BLAST playin this one!

When it comes to indie horror 616 really doesn't miss! This one here is just more proof of solidarity in their work! I really enjoyed playing this one being a big fan of the saw series. The only thing I didn't understand was the bullseye trap?! Other than that fantastic work once again! 

As a huge fan of the Saw franchise, this game is a certified gem! I really hope you guys have plans for a sequel!

Gears - Gameplay Walkthrough (PC)


História NARRADA e EXPLICADA de gears 

awsome game , really like this game

I loved loved loved this game so much. It was so much fun. Is the wife able to be saved at the end? I tried a no-kill playthrough but found no way to save her.


Fun game! I had a good time recording. Are there other endings though?

Muito bem elaborado manos!! 

i really enjoyed playing this game, good gameplay and i really had so much fun playing it, as a saw fan i was feeling like i was in there, ope you can keep making these kind of stuff

I loved this game so much! I am a fan of the Saw franchise and your game really made me think as if I was in one of the games. The games were fun and unique. I wonder if this would be a series like Poop Killer. Great job!

Hi there,

Let me ask you, are you Brazilian? I'm asking because of your name as I see in your Patreon. Seems like a Brazilian name...

Anyway, I'm here to offer you my services. Do you ever consider to translate your games to other languages like Portuguese? I'm a translator and I would love to translate your games if you're interested.

Take a look at my Portfolio, then we talk about the details.

You can see there I already have translated one another horror game. The translated version is already been played in receiving comments. 

Best regards,

-Almir Paulo

I loved this game. This is the second game I played by yall and I have enjoyed both so def gonna check out the rest of your games! Great Job!

Thanks broo :)

The game has been fun to play! The scenarios and games are very well designed. SAW has been an excellent inspiration for this creation, Good job!

I enjoyed this one a lot surprisingly! Love! Love! LOVE! The Saw franchise and this was a fun memory lane kinda game.

Another awesome game! Saw version though, cause some people didn't make it lol!!Game here: 

Had fun with this fun :) !!

please upload patch note when updating the game
I want to know what is changed, what bug fixes

Deleted 1 year ago

easy simple laser

another 616 banger

This was great fun! I'd love a longer version of this with some more complex challenges.

Thanks bro :)

That was awesome! And I'm not just saying that because my voice is in the game haha. I've always loved the Saw movies so I'm always craving games based on it. It's so cool to be able to play through the traps and check out the brutal death scenes. Thanks for the fun, dude! And for letting me be part of this badass game!


Hell yeahh haha, thanks bro

Loved it!

Thanks bro

Really awesome game like always! I was too dumb to solve that final door in the last room but really fun game and love where the inspiration came from. Good job and keep up the great work

Thanks my friend

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