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Fun game, kinda short though.

Un excellent jeu.

Fun little experience! It was more tense was spooky but was a cool story and I always love the retro looks. I recommend!

Interesting Play! Wish It was a bit longer, but great all around!

This was definitely not what I expected, in a good way ! Game was overall creepy as ever and the atmosphere was great. Loved that the monster at the end of not just a ghost of a guy killer. Well done ! 

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

I made a video on your game (28:18) 

Super comme toujours =) 

This my first 616 game Ive ever played I liked it.  Starts at  8:11

I almost had a heart attack. Well done, the game is brutal and very scary. To my credit, I haven't played such a scary game in a long time. Greetings👍

Man I love this short VHS indie horror 👍👍👍

muy buen juego, la historia detrás de el juego es bastante buena, esta historia definitivamente da para un juego aun mas largo.

Tiene una buena atmosfera y los sonidos están en el momento exacto, las mecánicas son fáciles y el juego esta bastante bien 10/10

Tiempo de juego 10 minutos aproximadamente.

One of my favourite games in

I did a gameplay on mychannel. Cant wait for the next game!

Good game!! I enjoyed the experience, very good the story and the atmosphere did a great job. I like your work you make great games keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

my heart skipped a beat good job 616 game's you make good game's


No joke, the worst jumpscare ever, that scared me so bad my heart skipped a beat. (2nd game in the video)

Here are my review about game :

-Beautiful and impressive vhs graphics 

-Short and easy to understand plot

 -I'm especially impressed with the idea of standing still to hide

 -I just wish the game could be a bit longer to dig deeper into how the killer tortures the victim, that would prolong the horror. 

My overall is 9/10. Thank you for reading this

Game Top!!!! Joguei imersivamente.




Interesting game. I always have a soft spot for found footage content and this was fun and quick! Enjoyed the hide and seek aspect and wish there was more to discover.


Oh this was fantastic! The scares were great, the look was well done, and the atmosphere amazing! Good job!

good game!

The story was simple yet pretty well done and scary! The sudden 'Don't Move' was actually scary at first but kind of felt lacking if the player explored the house more. Would have loved to find out more about the killer and more that was happening but it was a short and spooky game, well done!

This was an interesting found footage experience. The sound design was great and the jump scare moments were really unexpected.

I loved the whole blair witch feeling and the little gameplay idea was quite fun. I think the sound design is marvelous, the music when shit hits the fan reminded me a little bit of “Sinister” because it felt so off, I loved it. 

Super tense for a very short horror game, the atmosphere, setting and graphic style combine for an entertaining scare! :)

This game was eerie! I screamed twice.

Silly Sara and Peter.. i love your games btw! A lot of fun

Here is my video: 

So You decided to visit an abandoned house in the wood, it's rumored that the house in the woods is Haunted by the former owner... Who was a murderer. Oh and it's rumored that anybody who enters the house...Dies. So basically the decision you made... wasn't a good one. 

Great job as always. Look forward to all the games you release. Very Spooky.  

Awesome awesome job, here's to hoping we see some more projects from you guys because I think you have a lot of potential!! Keep up the great work and look forward to more in the future! 

Stay Safe and Stay Positive 

Much Love 


A good short horror game

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I really enjoyed this game. It has a decent atmosphere and I really liked how symmetrical Sara's boobs are 🤣. My only criticism is that I wish it was longer! I was really just getting into it! Either way it was a great experience and I'm grateful for it! You can check out my unique experience of the game below! 😊

I really enjoyed this game, it was short, suspenseful, and engaging!

I found myself talking a lot through this one, just because of how creepy it was. I might have been talking way toooo much because the scares got me. I also found the red light green light gameplay interesting.

Rafael & The Team Coming Through Again!!! GG

This was an enjoyable short horror game! Great atmosphere and a creepy story. Loved the change of gameplay in the end portion. Great work as usual!

short but cool 
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This game would've been GOLD! if it was longer but still pretty good 

No-commentary playthrough: 

Quick and easy. Nice, creepy walking sim for fans of found footage fare.
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