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A good game i love to see more games i like the idea like the poop killer or the dick killer but this one is my favorite

Small spots, don't need you in this world! Is the real fans! Is the real followers! CAI xu is a star! Are my man! Is not your speech material!

Did you see his show? Know cuss, disorderly adjustment! It also let us that our true love powder how my mind? You see his chicken for you? My brother down so many eggs but you can't do not know know know grateful thanks!! In the environment in more than two hundred DuDu down the aroma pubi saliva didn't leave! Green green green green green green green green green green green green belts of holding the saliva of contracting the work there three days of water there work on there is no place like home, underground for more than two hundred eggs! Sold has not enough money to buy a ferrari! This made my elder brothers more cold! Do you really isn't a person! Tao will increased picked Ning! All all your abuse, insult! You will only see video about him "you are so beautiful" chicken!

This was my first time playing one of your games. Not even remotely disappointed and definitely will be playing more in the future!

Had fun narrating the voices on this one great game.

Super alternative zum Poop Killer.

Mal wieder ein Meisterwerk der Indiespiele :)


I loved this game and it's endings,hope it becomes a series!!


I loved playing this game was a blast to play!

This was wild! The chicken killer def making me think of going vegan. The monk character was hilarious! Great work 616!










I have no words to describe this. This was by far the most confusing, stupidest, dumbest and all of the above.

But this was amazing, I love your work and I can not wait for the next game!


Get a job then.

First time playing one of your games & my, oh my was it a good one to start with! Love the animation & gameplay, along with the humour in the dialogue! Really nice work & I'll be keeping an eye on your future work! 


i couldnt stop laughing man, your humor is great

thank you







i wanna play this so bad but broke no money



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I think I can explain the meaning of the meme in the game in China(I am sorry for I am weak in English)

A chinese star calls '蔡徐坤'  took part in a draft.He sang a song called '只因你太美'.Beacuse of in Chinese the chicken(鸡)'s pronunciation very like the beacuse(只因)'s pronunciation.And he wore overalls and played basketball that day.So a part of net friends in BiliBili(a chinese website like Youtube)made some videos to ridicule '蔡徐坤'.The '蔡徐坤' sent lawyer's letter to the BiliBili.Finally,'蔡徐坤' not only lost the lawsuit,but also ridiculed by almost netizens.And he's been teased until now.

(If I have any grammar wrongs,please tell me :P)




Sensacional meus princesos, br eh outro nivel kkk 



love the  humor AHAHA


Reminds me a lot of Poop Killer. I hope this gets turned into a series as well! The game made me crave some ramen! Good game!


I liked the part where he chick'n 10/10 game thank you

Any who, here is gameplay followed along with crappy commentary (:







Not my fav, but also not my least fav. Probably the shortest game I've played by 616. About a 10-15 min experience before reaching the final ending options. Gives a couple laughs w silly dialogue, but that's about it really. There are def better games by 616.


amazing game had alot of fun and i like the cooking aspect of it mixed with the humor 
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I see some sort of warrior has struck this page and given every comment a thumbs down!!!   Im gonna give them all a thumbs up then download your game :P 

Okay so I downloaded and played the game.  As expected its really cool.  Typical 616 games style I love it.  Well done on another winner :)


This is without a doubt one of the best things I've ever played. It had everything about 80s B-Horror movies that I love so much and was wrapped in the style of the always fantastic 616 Games. Just give them the dollar guys, seriously.


your games are amazing playing every game you made and posting it on my channel 

I love the humor that comes in your games. This was such a funny experience.

Another great game! Silly, engaging, and 4 satisfyingly goofy endings. What more can you ask for? Can't beat that 616 Games charm, either! Looking forward to your next game!



Had alot of fun with this one. If you like silly horror gameplays, check out my videos! Keep up the great work!

Another Awesome game!


Love these games!


a new 616 banger

This game felt very refreshing to play! I love the story to this game and finishing all the endings were really fun to do! It felt a little repetitive compared to Poop Killer, but was still very fun! Great job here!! (New trilogy here?)  
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