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This was funny and I always enjoy 616 games.

While this game was a little bit difficult to navigate in terms of control, I overall thought it was a good short and saucy puppet combo inspired game :) 

I still don’t know if it was necessary of me to avoid stepping on the chip bags.

Had alot of fun playing this, cant wait to play some of your other projects!

this game doesnt open when i download it... it only says "how do you want to open this file". what should i do? what do i need to download to play 

Just download the .zip file, unzip and run the "Blood Burger .exe" file

thanks bro! This game was a really good time, the first puppet combo game I ever played. Amazing work

how do i download the zip file

nice and working game

please make free

The game is quite good and fun to play. It has something similar to power drill massacre, excellent inspiration. Good job!!

I enjoyed it!! Great job 


Such a fan of The Puppet Combo Power Drill Massacre feel this game has. I knew instantly starting this game, that I was in for a ride! This game delivers in every way possible and did NOT disappoint! One small issue I had was that the killer can lose you even though he watches you hide. Maybe that's just a me thing, but it felt too easy sometimes to just jump into a closet and instantly be safe. Nevertheless, this game is SO WORTH THE 1 DOLLAR I paid! LOVED THIS

Count your blessings friend.  If the killer sees you hide and then forgets where you were.  Let it be :)  I've got to give this game a go as well it looks cool and 616 always deliver IMO.  

Honestly your becoming one of my favourite devs man, your games are top quality, this one was no exception, really enjoyed this, the atmosphere was great the scares were great, all round great game, gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to hit that sub button!

That was pretty fun, man. It definitely reminds me of Power Drill Massacre. That clown guy is pretty funny sometimes haha. He got me good with that scare at the end even though I was pretty sure it was coming. Great job, dude! We're always happy when you release new games. Thank you, my friend!


Thanks friend, I'm really glad you liked the game. Thanks for the support.

hello my friend boa tarde gostaria de falar com vc sobre oq eu tenho de ideia para vc não criar os seus jogos somente para Pc e mac gostaria que vc criasse para o Android que é o mobile ok? Assim que poder me responder eu agradeço muito a sua atenção.

deixo uma dica pra vc faz para celulares Android e para iPhones tbm.😉

Lore expert Baz Loreman agreed to do a guest spot on my channel and he provided some incredible perceptions concerning the motivations of the killer in this game. 

This are my favorite games ;). Greetings and Thanks

Thanks my friend  :)

I don't usually post links to my videos on these game pages but I felt like doing it this time for some reason. It's also no commentary.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit! It's challenging, but not impossible. And though I didn't see any option to save progress along the way, once you figure out what needs to be done, it doesn't take too long to repeat the necessary steps if you happen to die. Great job!

Here's my no-commentary playthrough:

Cool game!

Thank you my friend!

Omg you are dropping game after game and still they are good we gotta respect that grind lol

This game is a comedy mixed with horror, I'm glad you liked it.