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I love this game!

Where was my mom in all of this? Where was Chris Hansen? Just a poor kid with moldy spaghetti.

Great Game!

This game was in typical 616 style, a little bit goofy but incredibly effective at creating tension and some really good scares. This was no different! 10/10! 

I made a new friend and I love him. Nothing you can say will year us apart.

Muito interessante o jogo. Gostei da estética, mas certos detalhes não me agradaram em relação à história:

- A mãe do garoto não demonstra muita preocupação com ele dizendo que está recebendo mensagens de um estranho e que viu alguém rodeando a casa.

- O garoto poderia ter chamado a polícia, o celular estar sem sinal faria mais sentido.

 De toda forma, em geral é um jogo muito bom!

Another amazing game! I don’t know what Brad did to deserve this but rip 
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Never a regret playing another 616 game. Thank you for this game.

80´s style + psx graphics + 616 games = epic win :)


Hes coming for you!!!!
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Picked the Trash Horror pack on Steam and started to play through all of the games, they are quite fun and have jump scares or they make you laugh.  Either way, the games are fun and enjoyable.   After midnight had an interesting story.

I've become a big fan of 616games.  Sometimes you have a good blend of comic relief and horror which I like but when you you go full horror you do it very well. Had a lot of fun with this game.

PHENOMONAL GAME! I cannot WAIT to sink my teeth into the rest of the THC first installment! Keep up the work! Hope you enjoy my video!

NIce game, I loved it! 

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Nice horror game!

Very fun game! Really enjoyed this one!

Loved it!

good work good story good game


Having nothing but spoiled spaghetti to eat while an intruder breaks into your house is the stuff of nightmares!

Here's that speedrun

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@@ I Get all 3 Ending, Thank you

great scary game! Go check out my video, I really enjoyed the game!!

I enjoyed this game a lot lol 


come watch my gameplay! Got the good ending first go 😏 

Enjoyed this so much on Itchio  had to buy the Trash Horror Collection on Steam too !!

This game scared me way more than I thought it would lmao. Check out my playthrough here!

Nice game! Got me only a litttttle bit tbh 🥲

Great game,really liked it!!You are doing such a good job with all the games!!
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This game made me scream so loud I woke up my brother (no joke), great fun game, scary as hell. GET IT 

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bruh, game was so fun and scary Y’all did a great job on After Midnight, and that music!

Absolutely LOVED this game!



i love the home alone games, they really get you thinkin.

This is an interesting game but I think the clock on the phone is a bit screwed up lol. As always I love playing these games and you put them out so fast I can't keep up haha. 


Had a good time playing this game. Here's my funny gameplay (PLEASE CHECK OUT)


This game very much reminded me of Fears to Fathom, Home Alone. The jumpscares got to me. I also felt the more I played.. the more I noticed stuff. Awesome game!

I managed to get all 4 endings! Here is the link to my video!

yo i definitely enjoyed this game should add more content to this game i look forward to anyrhing in the future . Game had me on the edge of my seat with all of the scary sound effects but great job on this project 10\10


This game was nice, It reminds me of home alone (fears to fathom) 

was so creepy, great atmosphere!!! Good job. 
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