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I love this game!

ngl this game is very funny and the characters around you make it much more  enjoyable

I enjoyed this game heaps.  I would rated it as one of your better games to date IMO.  Keep the classics rolling on :) 

This was absolutely my favorite game by 616! This was so fun to play and I love the concept! 

Such a fun game 2 play!

I love your games!  I have become a fan!

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Em comparação ao primeiro é bem decepcionante. Muito mais curto, simples demais como as coisas acontecem (linear e com poucas escolhas) e o desenvolvimento da história é rápido e artificial. Não gostei.

Pervert or killer?? 🤣

Great Game Lots Of Fun Enjoyed Keep It Up

I so have enjoyed this game. I love the story line and the execution of the context in the game. Nice one! 

This was fantastic! I love playing your games! I was a waiting for another After Midnight game! You really pulled this one off! I gave my feedback at the end. Here is the gameplay! I really screamed. Defo never babysitting again

great game I loved seeing the killers from the other games in this one that was really cool 

I always get so excited with new 616 Games! Always a pleasure!

Thank you for another game. Definitely the most scariest pumpkin headed man alive


That was definitely a scary looking killer. I'm glad you went with that one. Great game too, it got me good a few times. Thanks for the fun, dude!


Very nice!

love it


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In one of the bad endings this developer uses audio that does not belong to them but to Tom Ratesic and the title track is 'Fear'. It happens during the ending where you're hiding under the bed.


This game is mediocre at best. It's every single horror game you've ever played and every single slasher horror movie you've ever seen so there are no surprises. It also highlights a lot of issues 616 games has, particularly in terms of QA because of how they rush these games out. You can see the house floating 5 inches above the ground in the opening cutscene. The window in the parents bedroom isn't square with the window frame and there's a huge open gap on the side of it. 

Ultimately, it's a horror game with no real purpose. It exists only to feed the machine, make some money, and stay on-top of the algorithm. And to be perfectly honest? I don't even care about that. I'm all for indie devs making a ton of money and doing whatever it takes but at this rate, the consequences of this path will mean 616 games burning out and leaving behind a legacy of mediocre games.

Thanks for making games!

big fan of this one

No-commentary playthrough:

Great job! Some of the best atmosphere you've created in any game thus far. The killer looks pretty badass, too!